09 July, 2017

Fruit Curry & Creamy Cheese McNugget Sauce & Tomato Cream McShakers - Osaka, Japan - 2017

Fruit Curry & Creamy Cheese McNugget Sauce - McDonald's Japan 2016
McDonald's Thailand McNuggets with McDonald's Japan Sauces
McDonald's Japan Tomato Cream Shakers - 2016

Fruit Curry & Creamy Cheese McNugget Sauce, Purchased in 2016 in Osaka, Japan
Consumed in May 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand
Price - Free with combo purchase
Calories - Unknown

Tomato Cream Shakers Purchased in 2016 in Osaka, Japan
Consumed in February 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand
Price - Free with combo purchase
Calories - Unknown
Earlier this week I posted a poll on Twitter asking from which country you guys would like to see my next review from.  Japan inched passed Serbia in the closing couple of minutes of the poll, so that's why these three items from Japan are being posted now rather than waiting even longer as I've been waiting to write both of these up for the last couple of months.  Both of these items were brought back from Japan by my buddy Andrew, and I picked them up in Hong Kong from him on my last couple of trips.

Even though the sauces were newer than the shakers, I'll start with them as I was looking forward to trying these more than the shaker.  Both the Fruit Curry and Creamy Cheese McNugget dips were released in Japan in summer of last year, so I've had these sitting in my fridge for quite a while.  They were in there so long I was a bit afraid to open them as not only were they ancient, they were long past their best before date.  When I cracked them open, the Fruit Curry one looked and smelt just fine, but the Cheese looked a bit "firm" but after giving it a dip it was probably just he way it settled

As I've mentioned in my Japanese Curry Burger review (from Taiwan), Japanese Curry is quite a bit different than Indian Curry, and it's typically served with potatoes together with the meat and other vegetables, but is generally sweeter than you might expect. Fruit Curry is a more recent trend, so I'm not surprised McDonald's Japan wanted to try something a bit different as they've had a basic curry sauce before.  Not surprisingly, this sauce tasted exactly like Japanese Curry, but it didn't however have any fruit flavours as far as I could tell.  I wasn't able to find anything in English online to tell what fruit flavours it was trying to emulate, but I was expecting for something a bit more than just curry.  It was perfectly fine as it was, and probably my favourite of the lot that afternoon, but I was hoping for something a bit more unique. 

Next up was the slightly scary looking Creamy Cheese.  I've never seen something being marketed as creamy so firm before, and just looking at it you could tell it was something absolutely horrible for you. I've had a few poor cheese sauces over the years writing this blog, but this had to have been up there with one of the worst.  There wasn't inherently anything wrong with the taste, it just tasted like the cheapest processed cheese you could find. I know Japan isn't really a huge cheese market, but I was surprised that McDonald's Japan, which typically uses semi-premium ingredients for their promos, went for the absolute lowest quality "cheese" they could find.  But hey - at least they weren't Nacho Cheese...

McDonald's Japan Tomato Cream Potato Shaka Shaka 

I've never had a tomato that colour before...

The final review tonight would be for the Tomato Cream McShakers, that were released towards the end of 2016, which I ate them in February when I reviewed a handful of other shakers and the Fish & Fries on the same day. These were by far the worst I ate that afternoon and were actually so bad I contemplated never writing a review on them, but since this is a short post, and readers wanted to see items from Japan, here they are.  If these were called Ketchup or simply Tomato, I could have 100% seen what they were going for, but the cream seemed like an afterthought as tomatoes, nor fries, are something I think of needing to be creamy.  The cream was hardly noticeable, and I think it was actually powered milk in there rather than any actual cream product.  The problem with these wasn't really with the cream, but for some reason the tomato flavour they went for was extremely sour, and to me was completely off putting.  I haven't had a shaker as bad as these since the Ketchup Shakers from The Philippines, so there's definitely something I don't like about tomato and fries...I literally had a single fry from this batch and couldn't bring myself to have another.  Even the smell was sour, almost like spoiled....milk....oh....

Fruit Curry McNugget Sauce - 3.5/5
Creamy Cheese McNugget Sauce - 2/5
Tomato Cream McShakers - 0/5

McDonald's Thailand Hot & Spicy McNugget Sauce - 2017

Keen eyed readers would have spotted that the lead in photo of these sauces had three tubs side-by-side and that's because it included the Regular Menu "Hot & Spicy" sauce from right here in Thailand.  It wasn't much more than sweet chilli, which is available all over Asia, but it had a very, very little kick to it.  If I were to get nuggets again in Thailand, I'd certainly go for this over the BBQ option. 

*Hot & Spicy McNugget Sauce - 3.5/5