31 July, 2017

Eggcellent Silly Double Beef Burger - Hong Kong - July 2017

McDonald's Eggcellent Silly Double Beef Burger - Hong Kong June 2017
McDonald's Hong Kong Eggcellent Silly Double Beef Burger - June 2017

Consumed on 26 July 2017
Location - McDonald's Yen Chow Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Price - 19HKD = $2.43USD
Calories - ~590kcal

McDonald's Hong Kong Eggcellent Silly Double Beef Receipt
Eggcellent Silly Double Beef Burger Minion Bun - Hong Kong 2017
A couple years ago McDonald's Hong Kong released the Diner Double Beef Batman burger and it went viral all over the internet.  The burger was a double beef burger topped with an egg, black pepper sauce, and black pepper mayo. I wasn't able to try that burger, but I did get a follow-up Superman Chicken Burger (and Cheese Balls) flown into Singapore for me to try.  The next year, in 2015 McDonald's Hong Kong released the same burger under the Eggcellent Silly Double Beef Burger moniker to coincide with the Minions movie.  This year, they brought it back yet again with a slight variation on the bun for the 3rd (or 4th?) Minions film, and I was finally able to give it a try, but only after my Twitter followers picked it over the Va Va Vatapa Honey Mustard Chicken.

The burger itself was a pretty big contrast to the massive Crispy Onion Angus Burger I had in Hong Kong about a month earlier. Rather than a huge angus patty, it only used 2 basic hamburger sized beef patties, which were flanked by an Egg and a standard slice of cheese, nothing really 'premium' about this burger, but it was sold at a budget price point, so it wasn't really that bad.  I've had eggs on McDonald's burgers so many times over the last few years it's doesn't even warrant a second glace anymore, so the sauces were what I really wanted to taste. 

The sauce on the top bun, and the one being shown off in most of the promotional imagery was a black pepper sauce.  Hong Kong used to run the McPepper at least once a year back in the day, and I've reviewed it before, and the black pepper sauce they used in Hong Kong (and Macau) was historically one of my favourites, as it was very peppery.  I have a feeling since they've replaced the McPepper with movie promo tie-ins, the sauce has gone a bit downhill as this time it didn't give off that hit of black pepper flavour like it used to.  


The sauce on the bottom, which isn't really shown all that well, had next to no taste. I wasn't able to find anywhere online listing exactly what the sauce was supposed to be, but it seemed a bit too thick to be just mayo/McChicken sauce, so I wouldn't be surprised it was some sort of cheese blend.   It was also specked with black pepper, but if I wasn't able to taste the pepper in the top sauce, I certainly wasn't going to taste it in this one.  All in this burger actually tasted fine, but it tasted like a cheap $2 McDouble and the sauces, didn't really do anything at all to give it a bit of uniqueness.  I'm surprised it actually made it back a second time after the initial Batman run to be honest, as it's far from memorable. I guess the 'cool' factor made it sell well.

Oh, the minion etched (burnt?) into the bun was just appearances - the bun had no special flavours either, which reminded me of another Egg-topped Movie Tie in...

Rating - 2/5

For those of you that blame this boring burger on the Twitter poll, this is likely the burger I would have picked to review anyway as the Chicken was simply Honey Mustard and Cucumber on the same buttermilk patty I had a couple months ago.