11 February, 2017

Strawberry & Cream Pie - Michigan, USA - February 2017

McDonald's USA Strawberry & Cream Pie - February 2017
Pretty decent shape after travelling for 30 hours.

Purchased on 8 February 2017, in Detroit McNamara Airport, Michigan, USA
Consumed on 10 February 2017, in Bangkok, Thailand
Price = $1.03USD
Calories = 300kcal

McDonald's USA Reciept 2017

I know it's been nearly 2 weeks since my last review, and that's because The Wife and I had guests for a week and I had to make another trip to Vietnam which didn't provide any new items to review as they are still running the Samurai Burger and the Banh McMuffin from my last review.  Despite a drought on this side, my mother flew to Bangkok through the US a couple days ago and thus was able to pick up a Strawberry & Cream Pie from the airport in Detroit for me to try.  I haven't had a "flown in" review for a long time and that's mostly because those reviews don't really garner that much interest over trying something fresh, but since pies generally do hold up better than a burger does I felt this was worth a try anyway. It might seem like a lot of work for just a pie, but my last review of a pie was way back in November when I had the Banana Custard Pie in Qatar, and my last pie in Asia was the Burbur Cha Cha from Malaysia in July 2016 (I guess the Banana Cream Pie Sundae from The Philippines doesn't count. 

A Pre "toasted" Baked Pie. 
My $10 toaster in action.

Even after ~30 hours of transit, the pie was still in perfect shape and I was surprised to find even the box made it across the pacific without a dent. I stuck it in the toaster to heat it up before eating, and unlike the Blueberry Maple Pie I had in Canada a couple months ago, this one didn't fall to pieces in there. If you didn't click the link back to the Blueberry Maple, that same review also includes the Pumpkin Cream Pie also from the US which I didn't enjoy it as it wasn't really anything that special.  Since this Strawberry & Cream Pie has made multiple wintertime appearances in the US prior to this 2017 release. When I Googled it, I see articles as far back as 2012, so I'm not surprised that it ended up being pretty tasty if it sold well enough to reappear 4-5 times.

Unlike its pumpkin cousin, this was a proper 50/50 split between cream and jelly/jam. Not sure if it was a side effect of the pie being "old" but the cream didn't taste nearly as cheap as it did when I had Pumpkin, and the Strawberry section had small chunks of real fruit inside which at least meant it didn't give off a dollar store jam type consistency. The baked-then-toasted cream filling was firm and didn't really ooze out like I guess it would have if served fresh, and I though that was just fine.  Although it clocks up a whopping 300kcal, I ended up eating the entire pie for my breakfast. Something I don't usually do with items that have travelled across the world.  That alone allows me to give it a perfectly acceptable score.

Rating - 4/5

In case any of you were disappointed by a not-so-crazy Pie review after a long time off, needn't worry, here's a taste of what's to come!  Although my last trip to Vietnam was a failure, with a little help from some friends, I have reviews coming of Black Truffle and Yuzu Pepper Shakers from Hong Kong, Garlic Butter from The Philippines, and Tomato Cream from Japan!  Also 2 McNugget sauces, Fruit Curry and Creamy Cheese also from Japan. I've also built up a couple reviews from Thailand that I need to type out (those same ones I promiced back when I did the McCreamy Chicken Soup review).