14 February, 2017

Garlic Butter Shakers - Manila, Philippines - February 2017

Purchased in Manila Philippines in September 2016
Consumed on 11 February 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand
Price - Free with upsized combo.
Calories - Unknown
A couple days ago The Wife, The Mother and I wanted to stop and get a coffee, and since McCafe in Thailand has a promo on Cappuccinos at the moment 49THB ($1.39USD) it was a perfect time to relax and try a backlog of McShakers that has grown considerably over the last month.  Like my previous "Various McShakers" review, I'll do these in order, first in, last out. I thought about consolidating all 4 shakers I ate that day into a single review, but I think it'll be easier for me to write 4 shorter reviews, over one long one this week. I already have the next one queued up so I should be able to post them all before the end of the week, so even though they'll be short, they won't replace multiple "full" reviews.

First on the list would be the Garlic Butter Shakers from The Philippines that Twitter pal JetSetCD was able to acquire for me back at the tail end of their run, way back in September 2016!  Although I made a few trips to Manila even after receiving these, they were after their run was complete, so it was perfect timing on her part (thanks again is you are reading!).  I've had Shakers from The Philippines before, during a 2014 promo when they had 3 different flavours all at once - Three Cheese was nothing special, as was BBQ, but Kickin' Ketchup still has to be one of the worst shakers flavours imaginable. 

To be honest, at least 'Garlic Butter' is a pleasant sounding combination, and 'garlic butter fries' are something that I'd happily eat.  At home The Wife and I load up nearly every dish we cook at home with garlic, so we both were looking forward to giving this a try.  Like the other shakers in PH, they had no mention of any ingredients on the packet, nor where they were made, so I was going in completely blind apart from my sight and smell.  

Cracking open the far-too-big-for-one-serving packet I wasn't really hit with that much garlic scent, which wasn't a great first impression.  As required with McShakers, I added some seasoning to a paper bag together with some fries and shook.  Since I only added a handful of fries (and a pinch of seasoning) they didn't coat perfectly but it was still more than good enough.  Only during my first bite could I actually taste the garlic, which as expected, was a good combination together with the fries.  The "butter" was a bit of a letdown however as it tasted more like Garlic Salt (or popcorn garlic seasoning) rather than anything close to Garlic Butter.  Like far too many shakers before it, I felt it was a touch on the salty side, which isn't something garlic butter should be in my opinion. Some flavours go well with the saltiness that comes with a shaker, but this wasn't one of them...

Unfortunately it ended up being yet another unimpressive middle of the road shaker from The Philippines.  There wasn't anything off-putting about it at all, and I finished the handful of fries that I seasoned, but I wouldn't have wanted to coat an entire serving with it, nor would I really want to eat it again. 

Rating - 2.5/5