03 January, 2017

Pre-Blog Photos #2 - Various Countries - Various Dates

McDonald's Golden Fish Deluxe - Hong Kong January 2011
Hope everyone enjoyed whatever holiday they could take over the last couple of weeks.  As I mentioned in my last review, both my personal and work related travel is on hold for a few weeks, and although I have another couple shakers and McNugget sauces to review, I dug up more old photos of items I ate prior to starting this blog for everyone to enjoy. The first in this series is here, and I hope you enjoy these as much as you do a full review. 

The photo above is of the Golden Fish Deluxe which I tried in Hong Kong in early 2011.  The red packets on the side were a part of the Lunar New Year promotion. This burger used to pop up once a year, but I haven't noticed it in a while.  It was a fish patty topped with Honey Mustard and Pepper Jack Cheese (together with the standard lettuce and tomato) 

Should be back in a couple days with another new review.   As always, click the link below to see more. 

McDonald's Japan - Big America: Miami Burger
The entire 2011 Big America Run
This terrible photo was the 2nd burger of the Big America series that I was able to try from Japan.  It was released in February 2011 and was called the Miami Burger.  Nothing reminds me quite of Miami like Nachos and Chilli on a beef burger. For those of you that are interested, equally strange "Big America" burgers I've tried are the Texas Burger, with egg and bacon.  The Las Vegas Burger, which had some meat-on-meat action together with Cream Cheese? The Broadway Burger,  more Cream Cheese, but this time with Pastrami in the mix. Finally the Beverly Hills Burger - Avocado, Egg, Fried Onion and Caesar salad dressing together at last.

Another example from the iCon range - Cheese Fondue...

Another strangely named burger from Japan. This time it was called the "California Cobb iCON Chicken Sandwich".  There have been a number of "iCon" Chicken burgers over the years, including the Cheese Fondue which I have a photo above, and the a "German Sausage" variant. This California Cobb edition had the twisty bun, lettuce, bacon, Swiss cheese, and a bright orange sauce which I noted down tasted like taco seasoning. 

This is the Creme Brulee McFlurry I had from Shanghai, China in April 2011. No notes about it at all. But if it's anything like the one I had in Canada later that year.  It was probably bad.

I don't even know why I ordered this one.  The Double Ham Burger and Peach McFloat set. Another poor looking meal from China.  My notes are the following:

Sandwich - 2 sausage patties and lettuce on a bun (no sauce or cheese or anything else on it) = Disgusting

Drink - Tasted like plain soda water with minuscule bit of artificial peach flavour topped with ice cream. = Even more disgusting.

May V - Double Ham & Cheese Burger - Shanghai China - April 2011
This ended up being the May "Deluxe" version of the the Double Ham burger.  A nicer looking bun, and cheese. Still couldn't save it.  I remember I ended up ordering this because I couldn't figure out what the promo was with the menu completely in Chinese. I also remember it being a part of the Kung Fu Panda movie tie in?

Grand Prime Burger - Seoul Korea August 2011

A slightly spicy sauce and bacon. Burger was good but nothing special really. Doesn't warrant being 20% more expensive then other combos at 6900w ($5.72)

Had a couple for a 1/2 off Banana Shake in Japan (August 2011). 

I used it. It was not real Banana. I think it's reappeared a couple times over the years.

I can't believe I could eat an entire damn pie and forget to take a single photo...The Red Bean Pie makes an appearance in Hong Kong every year or two.  This photo was from 2010, I did end up getting it again to do a proper review though, but with equally poor photos.  Only to finally redeem myself in Singapore.   Pretty much did the same thing with the Green Bean Pie as well, but at least I have one photo of the pie itself...

I did a full review of the McCriollo Breakfast from Bogota Colombia in 2011, but what I never posted was a meal I ended up eating at the airport because American Airlines delayed my flight 5 hours and it was the only thing I could get with the voucher they gave me. I opted for the Grilled Chicken Salad and a Hershey's Chocolate McFlurry.