31 January, 2017

Banh McMuffin - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - January 2017

Banh McMuffin - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - January 2017
No promo, or even translated packaging for this one. 
Not exactly an accurate representation of the egg, and that's perfectly fine in this case.
Consumed on 19 January 2017
Location - McDonald's Hoang Dieu, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Price - 20,000VND = $0.88USD
Calories - ~220kcal

22 January, 2017

Crayfish Soup (小龍蝦湯) - Hong Kong - January 2017

McDonald's Hong Kong Crayfish Soup (小龍蝦湯) - Hong Kong - January 2017

Consumed on 15 January 2017
Location - McDonald's IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong
Price - $13.50HKD = $1.74USD
Calories - Unknown

13 January, 2017

Bagel Deluxe Breakfast (Bagel小麥圈早晨套餐) & Purple Rice Soy Milk (紫米豆漿) - Hong Kong - January 2017

Bagel Deluxe Breakfast (Bagel小麥圈早晨套餐) - Hong Kong 2017
Purple Rice Soy Milk (紫米豆漿) - Hong Kong
Consumed on 13 Jan 2017
Location - McDonald's 265 Queens Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Combo Price - $26.50HKD = $3.54USD. Purple Rice Soy Milk add-on $1HKD = $0.13USD
Calories - Unknown

03 January, 2017

Pre-Blog Photos #2 - Various Countries - Various Dates

McDonald's Golden Fish Deluxe - Hong Kong January 2011
Hope everyone enjoyed whatever holiday they could take over the last couple of weeks.  As I mentioned in my last review, both my personal and work related travel is on hold for a few weeks, and although I have another couple shakers and McNugget sauces to review, I dug up more old photos of items I ate prior to starting this blog for everyone to enjoy. The first in this series is here, and I hope you enjoy these as much as you do a full review. 

The photo above is of the Golden Fish Deluxe which I tried in Hong Kong in early 2011.  The red packets on the side were a part of the Lunar New Year promotion. This burger used to pop up once a year, but I haven't noticed it in a while.  It was a fish patty topped with Honey Mustard and Pepper Jack Cheese (together with the standard lettuce and tomato) 

Should be back in a couple days with another new review.   As always, click the link below to see more.