27 September, 2016

Pumpkin Cream Pie & Blueberry Maple Pie - USA & Canada - September 2016

McDonald's USA Pumpkin Cream Pie - September 2016

Pumpkin Cream Pie
Purchased on 10 September 2016
Location - McDonald's Middletown, Rhode Island, USA
Price - $2.04USD for 2
Calories - ~270kcal

Maple Blueberry Pie
Purchased on 29 February 2016, Consumed on 23 September 2016
Location - McDonald's Amherstburg, Ontario,  Canada
Price - $1.14CAD = $0.86USD ($1.57CAD for 2)
Calories - ~250kcal

19 September, 2016

Mexican Chipotle Burger - Windsor, Canada - September 2016

McDonald's Canada Mexican Chipotle Burger - Windsor, Canada
No promo box, but at least they have a wrapper
They didn't even try and hide how small the patty was compared to the bun
Consumed on 16 September 2016
Location - McDonald's Walker Road, Windsor, Ontario Canada
Price - $3.37CAD = $2.56USD
Calories - ~400kcal

12 September, 2016

Hot & Herbs (香草辣) + Honey Lemon McWings (檸蜜雞翼) - Hong Kong - September 2016

McDonald's Hong Kong - Hot & Herbs McWings and Honey Lemon McWings
When I was there, the Minions co-branding was already finished.
Consumed on 08 September 2016
Price - Hot & Herbs 2pc - $10.30HKD = $1.33USD.
Honey Lemon McWings 2pc - $11.80HKD = $1.52USD.
Calories - 2pc = 220kcal

08 September, 2016

Pre-Blog Photos #1 - Various Countries - Various Dates

McHotDog Classic Breakfast - Yokohama Japan - July 2011
I've been very busy over the past week, so I haven't been able to write a new review. I have 2 full days of travel ahead of me tomorrow, so I might not be able to get a review posted any time soon, and since it's been now over a week since my last post I thought, some of you might be interested in some old photos I took prior to starting writing this blog. If anyone enjoys these, I can continue to dig some out from my old archives and continue to post them here, just let me know on Twitter, or even on Instagram.

The photo above was a McHotDog breakfast item that I was first able to try in July 2011 from a McDonald's in Yokohama Japan.  McHotDogs used to be a regular menu item and have since been discontinued.  I also reviewed a limited edition version McHotDog Chilli a couple months later, which happened to be one of the first reviews on this blog.

To see more of these old photos, click the link below.