12 August, 2016

Failed Review: Crème Brûlée McFlurry - Hong Kong - June 2016

Yes, that's the Crème Brûlée McFlurry before I had a single bite.
I didn't even get one of these tie-in cups like I was supposed to!
Consumed on 29 June 2016
Location - McDonald's IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong
Price - $8.50HKD = $1.10USD with combo purchase. ~$13.50HKD ala carte. 
Calories - ~450kcal

Hopefully many of you remember the review I wrote for the (still horribly named) Beef & Egg Fan-Tastic with Meat Sauce from Hong Kong only couple weeks back. What I didn't mention during that review is that I had a nearly failed attempt at trying the Crème Brûlée McFlurry which was one of the many "egg" themed items as a part of the Gudetama tie-in (for more details, go check out the old review).  I know what you are thinking, when you saw the lead photo for this review you must have thought that looks like the worst McFlurry you've ever seen, and to be honest, that was the Crème Brûlée McFlurry that I was served, but first, a bit of back story....

No special Gudetama McFlurry cup for me!
I'm not sure if I mentioned it during the review of the rice burger, but the branch I ordered my meal from what absolutely chaos as I happened to visit it right during the peak time lunch hour rush.  I had no chance at getting one of the limited (15 or so) seats at the branch itself, there was a queue of people just waiting for a seat before they could even start to wait in the even longer queue to order their food. I ordered to go, and ventured out through the mall with my meal in hope of finding a bench to eat it on.  Well, I guess half of Hong Kong had the same idea, and I also completely forgot about the lack of most public seating anywhere in HK, so it took at least 10 minutes before I found somewhere open to sit.  I took my obligatory photos of the burger for this blog and then I opened my McFlurry to find this...

A 100% boring, and unreviewable Oreo McFlurry.  

Since I already started eating my burger and more importantly I didn't want to lose my valuable seat I through about binning it and just trying again when I would visit HK a few days later.  After I finished the burger, I changed my mind and went up 6 (yes 6) levels of shopping mall back to the branch to get the McFlurry I deserved. 

When I returned, it was even crazier than when I first visited, as there had to have been 20 people waiting to order and even more waiting for their meal. I flagged down a staff member and showed her my now nearly melted McFlurry and receipt stating I received an Oreo McFlurry instead of a Crème Brûlée.  She took it out of my hands without even saying a word and about 30 seconds later I was handed the McFlurry you probably saw at the beginning of this review, here's an even worse photo:

McDonald's Hong Kong Crème Brûlée McFlurry Gudetama Promo June 2016
Since it was at least 25 minutes of first being served, when she put my McFlurry back into the "stirring machine", that thing where the spoon is used to twist everything together, the nearly melted ice cream just couldn't survive.  I took a look at it and even asked "I can't get a fresh one?" I was returned a very terse and completely unapologetic "No" as she left to run to fulfil other orders. I took a single bite of the Crème Brûlée syrup and it tasted a heavy on Vanilla but it wasn't really that bad.  It definitely wasn't the worst attempt at this McFlurry I've had, but it didn't really taste anything like a Crème Brûlée. There was lack of "crunch" needed to mimic the crunchy burnt sugar from the real dish, and the simple syrup and Oreo combination just seemed lazy.  At least the more recent version I had in Singapore had some attempt at crunch, and maybe it was served how it was supposed to, the first time around, I would have given it a passing score.

Rating - 2/5