17 June, 2016

Super Red Burger - Singapore - June 2016

McDonald's Singapore Angry Red Burger
Red yes, but could be a bit bigger.
I didn't think Angry Birds packaging would look so cool!
Consumed on 13 June 2016
Location - McDonald's Scape, Orchard Link, Singapore
Ala Carte Price - $6.10SGD = $4.52USD. Combo Price - $7.90SGD = $5.87USD
Calories - ~620kcal

McDonald's Singapore Scape Branch Receipt
On 19 May 2016 McDonald's Singapore sent me a press release showing off the new Super Red Burger and other Angry Birds co-branded items which would be released the following afternoon.  This was the day before I was flying to Croatia for a few weeks, and at the time, I didn't have any future trips to Singapore planned over the next month (roughly how long a promo lasts there), so I thought those press photos were as close to the real thing as I would get.  As luck would have it, I did make it down to Singapore a couple days after returning to Bangkok and I was lucky enough to give it a try. 

The Super Red Burger was being marketed along with the "Red" bird from the Angry Birds game, and when I was served the box, I was rather impressed by how cool the tie-in promotional box looked just on it's own.  McDonald's Thailand has been running some nice looking pie boxes lately,  I've had a few really cool boxes before, with the Batman/Superman boxes from Hong Kong one of my personal favourites, but Singapore rarely shines in the packaging department.  The foldout sides are a common appearance in Hong Kong as well, but I believe this was the first time it'd been used in Singapore. The arms and hair of the bird weren't popped out on my box by the staff upon order, and they took a bit of effort to fold out without tearing as the heat from the burger softened the paper box more than it should on the 5min walk back to my office.

Seeing Red? If not, you soon will be.
Now, I knew from the promotional photos that the bun was going to be a pretty sickening red colour, which my Singapore colleagues warned me about it before I tried it, but when I opened the box, I still was taken aback by how red that bun actually was.  I've had coloured items before, but this was certainly the darkest and most striking of any bun I've tried.  The only thing which was a bit disappointing was the size of the bun itself, as the ingredients beneath the bun stuck well outside the edges, this did however give off the appearance that the burger was larger than it was.  The bun itself couldn't have been much wider than the small Hamburger buns, whereas the ingredients for the burger itself were designed for a larger Quarter Pounder size bun. This also made the burger a bit of a problem to eat as the ingredients didn't want to stay inside the bun after every bite.

Another wonderful out-of-focus photo. That's what happens when The Wife doesn't take them...

Other than the bun being red, it didn't add anything to the taste of the burger since the bun wasn't flavoured at all.  The rest of the ingredients on the burger included whole leaf lettuce, tomato, pepper mayo and an egg on top of a standard McSpicy fried chicken patty, all of which are ingredients that have popped up on Singapore promotional burgers before. That said, in this combination, the burger was very tasty. The McSpicy patty was full of white meat meat, which was both larger than the Brazilian BBQ McSpicy I had a few weeks earlier in Indonesia, and the Alfredo Chicken Burger before that in Taiwan.  Both The Wife and I thought the burger on the whole was very good, although there wasn't anything on there to give it any memorable flavour.  One of the biggest things I noticed was that, either I was served a patty which had higher than average spice level, or this was one of the spiciest burgers to come out of Singapore in recent memory, and it wasn't even being promoted as "spicy" like countless other promos. It definitely wasn't "too spicy" at all (nothing from McDonald's can be), but there was a noticeable kick it it.

It wasn't really exciting, it was just very solid. If you can stomach $6.10 price tag for just the burger or nearly $8 for a combo, it's probably worth a try just take a photo and say you had one.

Rating - 4/5

McDonald's China Angry Birds Red & Green Burgers
McDonald's Singapore wasn't the only location in Asia to jump on the coloured bun bandwagon, as McDonald's China served not only an Angry Red burger, but an Angry Green variant as well.  McDonald's Singapore 2nd Angry Birds Tie in were the unpleasant sounding Jalapeno Nuggets, and after the poor attempt at Spicy Nuggets last year, I gave them a pass.

One of my colleagues in Singapore was waiting patiently for my arrival to try this burger together with me.  He was asking me every day I was there when we were going to go try it, and was beyond excited to be able to give it a try with me, so I wanted to make his day and post a photo of us here. 

Gudetama Packaging at McDonald's Hong Kong
If you've made it down this far, you'll probably be interested to see this example of some other cool packaging from Hong Kong I ran into. This is a photo my friend Andrew took of the Gudetama tie in for a Rice Bun burger and Potato Cheese Balls a couple weeks ago.  They've since run their course, and hopefully I get to try something equally interesting on my trip to Hong Kong towards the end of June.  Until then you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.