12 June, 2016

Kraš Domaćica McFlurry - Zagreb, Croatia - May 2016

Kraš Domaćica McFlurry Zagreb Croatia May 2016
McDonald's Croatia Kras Domacica McFlurry
Consumed on 21 May 2016
Location - McDonald's Jurisiceva, Zagreb, Croatia
Price - 12HRK = $1.79USD
Calories - ~550kcal

McDonald's Zagreb Croatia Receipt 2016
Domaćica is a chocolate topped tea biscuit sold in Croatia and throughout the Balkans since the 1950's. The parent company Kraš, is primary known locally as a chocolate company, but this is by far their best selling biscuit so much so, they even have a Wikipedia page solely for this variant.  A Kras product of some sort is sold in every corner shop and petrol station, all the way up to supermarkets devoting entire shelves to only Kras products.  Unlike Oreo, which branches out into strange and unique flavours depending where you are (I get a bit jealous when I see Instagram posts about Fruity Pebbles Oreos in the US, but they still have Coconut here in Asia!), Kras looks to keep it simple, and their "variants" are rather standard, simply almond or hazelnut additions to their chocolate.  I tried a number of different Kras sweets over my few weeks in Bosnia and Croatia and The Wife and I stocked up on a few boxes of our favourites before heading back to Bangkok, so it was perfect timing that we were able to be there during the Domacica McFlurry run, as surprisingly this isn't a regular menu item in Croatia, but only a limited time promotion that started on 5 May 2016 together with the HR Burger I mentioned in my Young Potato review.

McDonald's Zagreb McFlurry
McDonald's Kraš Domaćica McFlurry, Zagreb Croatia May 2016
The McFlurry itself was served very well, as it had an absolutely heaving portion of Domacica pieces on top, and throughout the entire cup.  The promotional imagery actually makes this look worse than it is, as it's simply crushed pieces of Domacica cookies sprinkled on top.  The pieces aren't even in size or shape, but that makes it clear that this is actual identical-as-the-store cookies used.  The chocolate was dark and bitter as expected. For me, the darker chocolate the better, so I absolutely loved this, and the combination with the vanilla soft serve was great.  The issue I had with this was with the tea biscuit pieces.  I had about a couple minute walk from the branch I ordered back to the hotel we were staying at, so by then the pieces of cookie had frozen and were a bit too crunchy for my liking.  They tasted just fine, and after the ice cream started to slightly melt they warmed up enough to not have too much bite to them.  Personally I would have liked a bit more chocolate and less cookie, but that much have just been the luck-of-the-scoop so to speak.  I actually used the McDonald's Croatia android app to get two for the price of one, and that's why you'll see two portions in some of my photos.  

They also had a Sundae option as well.
I didn't think it was unbelievably good, but it was very solid, a nice change from syrup based McFlurry variants I usually review in Asia.

Rating - 4/5

I'm going to keep this review short, as I've had a really busy week, and I have many upcoming trips this month with hopefully a bit more interesting items to try.  Stay tuned.  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you'd like to get a sneak peek, as I'll sometimes upload teasers before I have time to write a review.

I also learned today that the HR Burger finally completed it's run, and McDonald's Croatia has launched the same Grand (Giga) Big Mac I skipped in Japan last month, and a rare appearance outside the Middle East Chicken Big Mac, which I tried once in the pre-blog days.  As well as the the Camembert Cheese Bites, another I recently reviewed in Oman are now making their way through Europe as well.

McDonald's Croatia Grand Big Mac, Chicken Big Mac & Camembert Trokutici - June 2016