03 April, 2016

McArabia Chicken - Muscat, Oman - March 2016

McDonald's Arabia Chicken McArabia
McDonald's Oman McArabia Packaging
Consumed on 21 March 2016
Location - McDonald's Muscat Avenues Mall, Muscat, Oman
Meal Price - ~2.950OMR = ~$7.66USD
Calories - 590kcal

McDonald's Muscat Avenues Mall
Unwrap the Flavour!
The Wife insisted I 'pose' with the wrap.
A couple weeks ago, The Wife and I spent a week in Oman.  This isn't the first time we'd been to Oman, but since we loved the country, we wanted to go back.  At the time McDonald's "Arabia" (which covers most of the Middle East, including Oman) was running the Mushroom Quarter Pounder promo burger, and since I'd be picking all the mushrooms off, I didn't feel it was worth trying for a review.  As they didn't have any other items worth trying, I thought I'd do a proper review of the McArabia, an item I had once before during the pre-blog days (around 2006).  Long time readers will remember the McTurko in 2012, and the Chicken Foldover from Malaysia in 2014, both of which were pretty similar to this wrap, but it did have a few subtle differences, which I do feel makes it the best of the bunch. 

The chicken patties were grilled, but in all honesty, there wasn't anything special about them.  The veg was surprisingly nice, and the tomatoes were cut thicker than most McDonald's I visit.  The first real difference was the bread.  I know I praised the bread for wraps before, but this has to be the best McDonald's wrap I've ever had.  The Middle East certainly knows how to make bread and McDonald's was no different. It was firm, yet soft, and had spices baked directly into the wrap.  If that's all it was, it would easily be a 4/5, but what really made me love it was the Garlic sauce they used.  They didn't use too much, they didn't use too little, it was just the right amount, and it was actually garlicky! It also didn't taste too much like Mayo, which is a problem with creamy McDonald's sauces sometimes. Sure, it's not "smell your breath from 2km away" garlic, but it was there, and it was good.  The same sauce is used on Chicken burgers in the Middle East and I do believe they also sell it as a nugget dip, and personally, I think they could pretty much serve it on any burger, and it would make it taste better. All in, the McArabia is a regular menu item worth trying.  They are available in most parts of the Middle East, so if you are in the region, I suggest you give it a try.  They do sell it with Beef Patties, which I've also tried during the pre-blog days in Lebanon, I feel that Chicken would be the better meat to go with the Garlic Sauce.  The only reason why this is not getting a perfect score is that the chicken patties were a bit on the thin side.

Rating - 4.5/5