08 March, 2016

Pinky Choc Pie - Bangkok, Thailand - February 2016

McDonald's Thailand Pinky Choc Pie - Thailand 2016
McDonald's Thailand Pinky Choc Pie Filling - Thailand 2016
Pink Pie Crust!

Consumed on 28 February 2016
Location - McDonald's Dessert Kiosk, Central Plaza Grand Rama 9, Bangkok, Thailand
Price - 29THB = $0.81USD
Calories - ~280kcal

McDonald's Thailand Receipt 2016

I tried to do my best with the lighting, but some neon strobe light was all around the seating area 
Right before Valentines Day, McDonald's Thailand launched the "Pinky Choc" Pie, marketed towards women to buy for their boyfriends for Valentines Day. To my colour blind eyes the crust didn't really look all that pink on the promotional images. Even when I ordered it I didn't think it looked really that different, and it's probably going to be even harder to tell with the strange overhead lighting that caused my photos to come out a little wonky, but the wife confirmed that it did indeed look pink.  

The pink in the crust was just colouring and wasn't intended to be any special flavoured pie crust, so in the end this was simply a Chocolate Pie. Now I've had a number of Chocolate crust pies before, which strangely come from Canada most of the time, but I have had a Chocolate Pie of this kind in the pre-blog days from China in 2009 (which I remember nothing about - I'll post a photo at the end of the review).  

Even though it was ordered at a Dessert Kiosk and not a proper branch it was still served fresh and piping hot.  For those newer readers, a dessert kiosk can be found in malls in many Asian countries and they only serve pies, ice cream and occasionally drinks. Sometimes they are attached or very close to a full branch, but this one wasn't anywhere near a branch.  These are usually very hit or miss with their quality, but despite a somewhat dirty seating area, was well managed.

Rama IX McDonald's Dessert Kiosk

The biggest surprise was by the sheer amount of Chocolate sauce hidden away in this fried pie.  It had probably twice the amount filling of a standard pie.  The chocolate itself was also surprisingly tasty.  Naturally it wasn't 100% melted chocolate, and it tasted more of a combination of the creaminess of Nutella, and the flavour of chocolate cake icing.  Since deep fried chocolate just gives you a heart attack only thinking about it, The Wife and I split the single pie between the two of us, and both of us rather enjoyed our little afternoon snack.  If it wasn't so terrible for you it would be something I would try again, but they could skip the food colouring and just make it the standard colour...or better yet, baked!

Rating - 4/5

My pre-blog photo of the Chocolate Pie from China in 2009. Just look at the difference in the amount of chocolate!