25 March, 2016

Egg & Ham Q Toast - Taoyuan, Taiwan - February 2016

McDonald's Taiwan Q Toast 2016
McDonald's Taiwan Egg & Ham Q Toast - Taoyuan Taiwan 2016
All 3 variants
Consumed on 21 February 2016
Location - McDonald's Terminal 2, Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan
Combo Price - 39NTD = $1.18USD
Calories - ~240kcal

McDonald's Taiwan Receipt 2016 

The Q Toast was introduced in Taiwan in early 2015, and even though I have been to Taiwan 4 times since it was launched, I never was able to give it a try.  The first time I went to give it a try, I learned they only sold it between 6:30-9:30am, and not for the full breakfast hours.  I returned a couple days later only have them completely sold out by 8am.  Another time I tried to order it at the airport branch only to find they didn't sell it, and a final failed attempt was when I went on the weekend, only to learn these are sold MON-FRI 6:30 to 9:30am at certain branches, by the time I made my way to a different branch, they were sold out as well... I actually almost missed it this time as well as my trip to Taiwan was only a quick overnight visit, as The Wife and I had an early 8am departing flight, which meant we had to leave our friends house at 6am. We even stopped at a local branch near their place at 6am in hope they would sell me one early, but they were firm about the 6:30am launch time.  We arrived at the airport ~6:45am, and after quickly checking in, I made one final check at the Terminal 2 McDonald's Branch in the basement food court where I was finally able to order my Egg & Ham variant.  

The toast sandwich itself isn't really all that special, it's only made with a single slice of toast and half of the standard McDonald's breakfast sandwich ingredients and since it's not that interesting, I was never overly disappointed missing it so many times. It comes in 3 variants, Ham & Egg, Sausage & Egg, or Chicken & Egg.  I have a very good feeling that these are popular, because of their very low price point rather than the quality of the sandwich, as you get both the sandwich & a medium coffee for 39-49NTD depending which meat you order (~$1.20). That's cheaper than just the coffee in most countries, so to get both it really is a great value.  

The other peculiarity of these Q Toast sandwiches are that they are not meant for in-store consumption, but are sold with takeaway in mind, as they pre-made, bagged and sitting at the register for you to pick up.  This also means they are intended to be eaten at room temperature.  That was fine for my Egg & Ham filled toast, but I could imagine the fried chicken not being the greatest at room temperature, especially towards the end of the morning. That said, my toast sandwich tasted exactly as expected, just imagine if they replaced the English Muffin for Toast on the Egg McMuffin, and there you have it. The toast was thicker than expected, almost like Japanese/Texas toast slices (which are 2 times thicker than a typical sliced bread) and despite being served at room temperature, still had it's crunch to it and wasn't soggy. The rest of the toppings were the same from an Egg McMuffin, and they purposely spread the yolk of the egg around so each "half" contains at least a bit of yolk.  Since I ordered this in the pre-security side of the airport, I drank my coffee far too fast and ended up burning my mouth for the rest of the flight, so that's my lasting memory from this order...

A photo from one of my failed attempts in 2015...
I went in not really expecting anything special from this sandwich, and it tasted exactly as expected.  If I ever wanted a coffee in Taiwan, I'll be happy to order this value set again as it's cheaper than just buying a coffee from 7-11! The sandwich would never fill you up, and it's perfect for a snack, it just won't replace your breakfast.

Rating - 3/5