20 March, 2016

Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix Burger - Singapore - February 2016

McDonald's Singapore Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix Burger

McDonald's Singapore 2016 Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix Burger Box
Consumed on 26 February 2016
Location - McDonald's Bugis, Singapore
Price ala carte - $5.70SGD = $4.20USD
Calories - Estimated ~560kcal

The name was even too long for the receipt.

A couple weeks ago, The Wife and I were in Singapore for a couple days and I grabbed the new (terribly named) Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix Burger.  This isn't to be mistaken with the Hokkaido Salmon Burger I tried in Thailand, even though both countries promotional material say the salmon is from Hokkaido.  I'm not totally sure why McDonald's Singapore changed it from a 100% salmon patty to a salmon + cheddar cheese + green pepper mix, because they sure didn't improve on the patty that I have often said is really tasty.

Despite the shockingly high price point at $5.70 for just the Filet-o-fish sized burger and something like $8.90 for a full combo, I was actually looking forward to trying this burger, as I thought the potential of "paella" spices added to the salmon patty should have been a great combination. The sad truth was the patty happened to be the worst part of this burger.  The salmon patty I've had a couple times before actually tastes like salmon, and you can notice a big difference from the typical FoF.  This patty wasn't using larger chunks of salmon but it was grinded into a mix with the "paella" cheese and pepper which causes it to have a poor consistency, and I actually had to go on the official McDonald's Singapore website to find out what other ingredients they added to the mix as I couldn't taste ANY cheese nor pepper.  They also topped it with McChicken sauce and not the tartar sauce from the FoF, which would have worked better than the mayo-based McChicken sauce did.

Proably to justify the high price point McDonald's Singapore topped it with "premium" lettuce that is found on the create your taste burger locations.  Although they were full leaf, I would say 50% of the leaves I had on by burger were wilted and soggy. This is one of the few occasions that the photo actually makes it look a better than it was, I will admit that the pieces which still had their crunch tasted decent enough.  Strangely enough, the part I enjoyed about this burger was it's understated and rarely mentioned multi grain bun! The bun is only casually mentioned on the official website, and the promotional material in-store don't mention it being wholegrain at all, sure you can see it in the product images, but it's easily looked and tasted better than any McDonald's bun I've had in Asia.  This bun needs to be a regular menu option, or used on more promos, because this bun offered something that's often missing in McDonald's buns. 

Although the bun was great, it didn't save this from being an all round, lacklustre promotional burger. It wasn't worth the price charged, nor would I want to have it again.  Customers in Singapore get a watered down salmon patty that many countries in Asia get to experience as it should be tasted.

Rating - 2/5