23 January, 2016

Failed Review: Aloha Heat - Hong Kong - November 2015

I only noticed the lack of toppings after I started to grill the bun.

Purchased at Hong Kong International Airport
Consumed in Bangkok, Thailand
Price - 23.50HKD = $3.02USD
Calories - Unknown
This photo doesn't give an impression about how much mayo they caked on there.
Last November, my sister-in-law was flying down to Bangkok to visit us for a week. She was flying in from Canada, and although she couldn't bring me the special items from there, she was connecting through Hong Kong, so I saw it a perfect opportunity to pick up one of the two new promotional Quarter Pounders McDonald's Hong Kong was selling at the time. Both started as a "pay what you want" promotion by a quasi-famous Hong Kong chef and rolled out to the rest of the branches a week or two later. I only ever asked for her to bring the Aloha Heat since the other, the "Alpine Delight" main selling point was Grilled Mushrooms, my worst enemy. This was not the first time McDonald's Hong Kong has prevented me from eating a new burger by topping a burger with the most disgusting food on the planet, and I doubt it would be the last.

Both burgers, never ended up in my stomach, for varying reasons.
In the end this became a failed review because the burger that my sister spend the time and effort to hunt down and fly down to Bangkok was missing it's signature topping, a Chilli Jalapeño Relish and it's premium bun! Sure, the burger still ended up with a slice of pineapple on it, but that's not really that interesting as I've had it on a few different burgers before, and when the promo has three special toppings, for them to miss two of them, it's not exactly the same burger.  They also went and absolutely ruined the rest burger by placing an almost unbelievable amount of mayo, on both the top, and bottom buns.  It's almost like the staff knew something was wrong, so they felt the answer to the problem would be to pour half a bottle of mayo on the burger to try hide the missing toppings. It didn't work on me. I can't even justify giving it a proper score.

Rating - Fail

This burger also ended up being far more elusive than I could ever imagine as this was my 2nd of 3 attempts to try this burger!  I was connecting through Hong Kong myself, and with a scheduled 2 hour connection, I thought I would have enough time to get to the McDonald's to order it myself.  My inbound flight was delayed, and my 2 hours, turned into 40 minutes, meaning I could not get to the branch in time.  I missed out a 3rd and final time to try it, as the promotion also finished the day before I returned to Hong Kong in December, so it just was never meant to be.