05 January, 2016

Chicken Fresh & Co - Stockholm, Sweden - November 2015

Consumed on 14 November 2015
Location - McDonald's Katarinavägen, Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden
Combo Price - 69SEK = $8.22USD
Calories - ~550kcal

The afternoon that The Wife and I tried the Mozzarella Sticks in Stockholm, we also happened to have one other item on the menu, the promotional, premium chicken burger offering called the "Chicken Fresh & Co" (one of the stranger names I've encountered).  This wasn't the only promotional burger available at the time, as they also happened to have the same Homestyle Burger that I had in Denmark a few days earlier.  This is the last review that I'll be writing from that trip to Scandinavia, and I left it for last since it was probably the least exciting of the lot.  

The burger consisted an all white meat chicken patty, which wasn't all that large, especially for a promo burger. It was certainly smaller than most of the chicken patties on promo burgers in Asia, but I did like the all white meat inside. It wasn't greasy at all, which is a nice change as sometimes the fried chicken in Asia is very oily (especially so when they use thigh meat).  The rest of the burger wasn't anything special at all either, the veg consisted of onion, tomato and whole leaf lettuce.  The bun and "homestyle" sauce which was just a slightly seasoned mayo, were the same that were used on the Homestyle Beef burger. 

With all that said, if I went back to a Swedish McDonald's right now, this would be the burger that I would order, no question about it (naturally if they didn't have any other promos to try).  Although it's expensive by most countries standards at over $8 for the combo, it was only about a $1 premium over the value menu combos like a McChicken or Filet o Fish, and was the same price as a Quarter Pounder or Big Mac combo.  The ingredients they used, did seem of a slightly higher quality than the standard meals, and all together, the burger actually tasted pretty good, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't a good "promo" burger for this blog.

Rating - 2.5/5