28 December, 2015

Truffle Shakers - Singapore - December 2015

Truffle Flavoured Seasoning - McDonald's Singapore December 2015
Consumed on 08 & 12 December 2015
Location - McDonald's Springleaf Tower, Singapore
Price - Free with upsized combo.
Calories - Unknown

Truffle McShakers - McDonald's Singapore December 2015
During my last trip to Singapore, I was able to try the new Truffle McShakers seasoning both times I had the Beef & Chicken Clubhouse burgers. It just so happens that even though I tried them twice, I didn't get a single photo of seasoned fries, I guess I really do need The Wife to continue taking photos for me...The first time I tried the shaker I was in a deep conversation, so I didn't get to focus on the flavour all that much, so this review primarily comes from my 2nd taste.  The reason I had a 2nd try to begin with was because I wasn't completely turned off after my first try, so right off the bat, you can guess I at least enjoyed them, but that pretty much goes against every other that tried them with me. (I've found that shakers are usually a hit or miss for me, and I don't usually find any which are just OK.)

Before I talk about the shaker in depth, I'd just like to give a bit of background first.  Truffle Fries are apparently "The" trendy thing at western restaurants in Singapore. I actually didn't know this myself, but everyone that I spoke with about these said that McDonald's Singapore was definitely jumping on the bandwagon with this flavour (kind of like the Honey Butter shakers from Korea).  Full disclosure, I've never had "real" truffle fries, I've had truffles on pasta and other posh versions of dishes, but I'm pretty sure I've never had them on fries, and certainty not in Singapore where I can only imagine how expensive a plate would be. The types of restaurants (read: hipster cafes) aren't our typical go to spot, and I didn't even know it was a "thing" in Singapore, so I'm basing my review completely off the taste of the McDonald's Shaker, nothing more.  Now that that's our of the way, I also have to mention the controversy.  Shortly before I arrived in Singapore a few websites picked up on the rumour that the Truffle shakers didn't actually have any real truffle inside.  Not surprising since truffles are some of the most expensive ingredients on the planet, and the packet even clearly states it's a "Truffle Flavoured Seasoning", that's even how it's listed on the ingredient list as "Truffle Flavour". I probably don't want to know which chemical they used to make said flavour, but at least they were made in Singapore and not China.

The seasoning itself was fine, a light brown powder, and didn't have any distinguishable chunks or larger pieces of seasoning, it was one of the more constant shakers I've had in recent memory.  When coated, it didn't make the fries look any more appealing, and they stuck to each piece pretty well, I certainly didn't have to try and cake up any that didn't make it stuck to the fries.  The biggest change was definitely the smell.  Pretty much everyone that entered the room when I tried these a 2nd time mentioned the smell.  Some said it smelt like tyres/rubber, another person said petrol, one terrible, terrible human being said they smelt like spoilt grilled mushrooms (my arch enemy).  They had a strong, noticeable odour, but I never thought it was anything offputting.  As hard as the smell was to describe, the taste was even more so.  Over the two times I was able to try these, I was eating together with a combined 10 other people.  2 (myself included) thought they were pretty good, 2 thought they were edible, but nothing special. The remaining 6 either thought they were disgusting, or the smell was so strong they couldn't even stomach trying them. In the end, they were a seasoning, they spiced the fries and they weren't overly salt. If I had to compare them to something, it was probably a combination of sour cream & onion chips + seaweed, which upon retrospect does sound pretty gross...

Rating - 4/5