05 December, 2015

Mozzarella Sticks - Stockholm, Sweden - November 2015

Consumed on 14 November 2015
Location - McDonald's Katarinavägen, Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden
Price - 15SEK = $1.77USD
Calories - ~280kcal

Mozzarella Sticks are becoming increasingly common at McDonald's.  They've been available in the UK and the Middle East for a long time, and after being a test market item in the US last year, they've slowly started to roll out in more locations across the US in the last couple months and eventually nationwide in 2016.  After the disappointment that was the Chilli Cheese Tops from neighbouring Denmark, I went in expecting the worst with these, where in fact they ended up being a pretty good little snack. Although it was busy during the lunchtime rush, service at the branch was moving fairly quickly, but I guess that was because no one was ordering any of these sticks...I would say it took a good 15-20 minutes after placing my order before I was able to pick them up.  They actually took so long, I was served the rest of my meal (review to come), told to come back in a few more minutes. After checking back once and told to try again later as they still weren't ready. I then proceeded to eat my entire meal, went back to the counter and they still weren't ready!  By then, I started to get a bit angry and just said to cancel it and get a refund, when another member of staff finally came running out of the kitchen with them in her hand.  I'll give them at least the all the staff were apologetic although no one gave me an answer about what took them so long. 

Looks can be deceiving, these little guys were tongue melting hot.
That said, at least they were served scolding hot, and the outer batter burnt my tongue on my first bite.  Surprisingly, though the batter was 'boiling' hot, the cheese inside was still pretty firm and wasn't melted at all.  It was cooked all the way through and hot, but it wasn't melted and stringy like mozzarella sticks you'd get in North America, and I have a feeling that was by design.  The cheese actually tasted like a thick block of real mozzarella cheese, and really did taste much better than a standard out-of-the-box stick I might get from a supermarket.  The batter was seasoned, and it didn't come with any dip, so you were really supposed to enjoy the flavour of the cheese, rather than the stick being a sauce delivery method.  In the end, despite the long, long wait, they still ended up being really good, and I would get them again if I had the chance.

Rating - 4.5/5