02 December, 2015

Chilli Cheese Tops & Homestyle Chips with Chilli Dip - Copenhagen, Denmark - November 2015

McDonald's Denmark Homestyle Chips - November 2015

Consumed on 8 November 2015
Location - McDonald's Fisketorvet Byens Shopping Center, 1560 København V, Denmark
Chilli Cheese Tops - 15DKK = $2.13USD. Dip - 5DKK = $0.71USD. 
Calories - Unknown

Keen eyed readers likely noticed that in a few of my photos of the Homestyle Burger from Copenhagen Denmark last week, that there were a few other promotional items on my tray.  McDonald's Denmark released 'Homestyle Chips' alongside the burger.  From what I could see on the menu, these were only available if you ordered the burger, and unlike previous Twisty Fries, Sweet Potato, Criss Cut, or even Wedges, they didn't look like you could swap them in any other order.  On paper, they looked nearly identical to the Les Classic Tendres that I had in France in summer of 2014, but those were some of the worst chips I've ever had at McDonald's so anything would have been an improvement over those.  Unsurprisingly these were magnitudes better than their French counterpart last year, but they still weren't all that great. Unlike the burger, they were at least served hot & fresh, and although they had more crispiness than the ones I had in France, I still found them overly chewy and too tough to really enjoy in the end. The smaller pieces ended up being a bit overdone so they were better than the larger, silver dollar sized standard pieces.  The were especially good when dipped in the Chilli Dip (I'll mention more on this later) but they still weren't anything I'd want to order again.  The following week in Sweden we saw these also available with their Homestyle burger, and The Wife said very directly, that I had better NOT order these again...

As a part of the 75 DKK Homestyle combo, you not not only received the burger and fries, but you also had a choice of one of 5 "premium" dips.  Most were pretty standard flavours to be honest, and I can't really remember what they were, but one was Dijon Mustard, and another Bearnaise (which I probably should have ordered to be honest) but the one that caught my eye was the "Chilli & Cheese Dip" or so I thought...as when I received my tray, I had both a separate Chilli, and a Cheese Dip!  To make things worse, when I looked at my change, I found that they had actually charged me 5 DKK ($0.71USD) for the 'extra' dip.  Oh well..We opened Chilli then and there there, and saved the Cheese dip for another day.  The Chilli Dip was actually made in the UK, and it wasn't overly sweet like the Chilli dips found in Asia.  The dip ended up being easily the best item we had at McDonald's Denmark, as the final item I tried, the Chilli Cheese Tops, were yet another failure.

The Wife was so disappointed with both the burger and the fries, she had a taste for an order of standard McDonald's fries.  When I went to order her some, I found that even a small fry, was almost $4, so we decided that if we were going to spend that much money, we might as well try something new so in the end we ordered the $2.70 Chilli Cheese Tops.  Not to be mistaken with the similar Sir Sombrero that I had from Serbia earlier in the year, these were a completely different product.  Like everything else in Denmark, they were very expensive as the 15DKK order gave us only 3 McNugget sized balls.  The batter was thin enough to not be 'bready', but thick enough to keep their shape nor allow any of the cheese to leak out.  It actually would have been better if most of the cheese inside actually did leak out, since this was some of the worst nacho cheese I've had.  The cheese itself didn't have any seasoning or flavour whatsoever, and McDonald's was trying to completely rely on the chilli to give it any flavour, and it just didn't work. These cheese tasted of watery melted velveeta, and the pieces of chilli, although large and honestly pretty decent looking in the photos, didn't add any spice, flavour or even crunch to the "nugget". 

Homestyle Chips - 3/5
Chilli Dip - 4/5
Chilli Cheese Tops - 0/5

Oh that Cheese Dip, which I ordered by accident, travelled with us to Sweden, Qatar and Hong Kong to only disappear when we arrived back in Bangkok! I have absolutely no idea where it is...