22 December, 2015

Beef & Chicken Clubhouse - Singapore - December 2015

McDonald's Singapore Chicken Clubhouse
McDonald's Singapore Beef Clubhouse

Look at all those grilled onions I didn't get...

Even the promo photos make the chicken look better...
 Consumed on 08 and 12 December 2015
Location - McDonald's Springleaf Tower & McDonald's Parklane, Singapore
Price - $8.60SGD = $6.13USD
Calories - Unknown

McDonald's Singapore Clubhouse Receipt
Holiday's always remind me of Clubhouse sandwiches as well?

Another month, another week long trip down to Singapore...The day after I was able to visit the McDonald's Thailand popup store in Bangkok (which has since re-opened and as of 22 December 2015 still sells the Spicy Namtok Kurobuta Burger) I flew down to Singapore for work.  The Samurai Burger which was available during both my last two trips had finally finished it's annual run, and McDonald's Singapore launched a Christmas themed "Clubhouse Burger" promotion.  Both Grilled Chicken and Beef variants of the "Clubhouse" were available, both aside from the different meat patty, had identical ingredients, and neither were anything close to resembling a Clubhouse sandwich...


The Clubhouse included either a skinless grilled chicken patty, or a quarter pounder beef patty, topped with the glazed bun and white cheddar cheese that's available at the Create Your Taste locations, a whole leaf leaf of lettuce, Big Mac sauce (they don't even try and hide this as a "promo sauce" it's clearly mentioned on the side of the box that it's Bic Mac sauce), tomato, grilled onions, and the worst turkey bacon I've had in my life, but I'll talk about that a bit more later.

I want to first speak about the difference between the two burgers. Long time readers know that when there are two meat variants of the same burger, I typically only try one for a review. This time was supposed to be no different.  I was met up with some Twitter follower friends one evening after work, and we all tried the Beef Clubhouse.  Since I was busy talking, and The Wife wasn't with me, I didn't pay as much attention to the burger as I usually would, and only after I had finished the meal did I realise that there was so little grilled onion on my burger that I couldn't really taste it, and I didn't even know it was supposed to be a topping until I ended up having the Chicken!  I thought that there wasn't really anything that special about the promo, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great, so it was definitely a middle of the road 2.5, it just ended up being pretty much a Bacon Quarter Pounder with Big Mac sauce.

A few days later, we were having a company meal where a few team members had a bit too much to drink (not me) and proposed a late night McDonald's run. Since I was pretty hungry as well, The Wife and I split the Chicken variant.  The softness of the grilled chicken patty was noticeably better than the somewhat dry beef patty I had a few days earlier, but it really made me realise how terrible the "premium" piece of turkey bacon was. McDonald's Singapore (together with Malaysia and Indonesia) is halal, so pork bacon is out of the question and turkey bacon and sausage are rarely mentioned substitute.  Many people despise turkey bacon, but I generally prefer it (as I do Turkey Spam) as it's leaner, and even when I've had it at McDonald's before, I've never had an issue with it.  This Clubhouse burger introduced a thicker piece of bacon, I guess it was trying to be similar to the Australian rasher of bacon, but it truly was terrible. It was tough, salty and disgusting, I'm shocked I didn't really notice it the first time around.  

The bacon that will give me nightmares.
Even though you could taste the bacon on it, I preferred the Chicken, and without that bacon it probably would have been a 3.5. It wouldn't get any higher since it still wasn't that exciting of a promo burger, nor was it anything close to a real Clubhouse sandwich.  With that terrible bacon (and to give this review an easy to read score), I'll knock it down to a same rating as it's beef brother.

Rating - 2.5