10 November, 2015

Mocha Flavoured McFlurry with Caramelised Biscuits - Singapore - November 2015

Consumed on 2 November 2015
Location - Singapore
Price - $3.15SGD = $2.21USD
Calories - ~200kcal

When I visited Singapore for a business trip at the end of October 2015, I was visiting during the release of the Sweet Potato Fries, which I was able to steal a couple from my boss, and the "Golden" Samurai Burger (see photo at the bottom of this review). I didn't bother trying the Samurai Burger yet again, as it's a bi-yearly release in Singapore and I skipped it multiple times throughout 2012-2015 so the addition of a 60 cent slice of Pineapple to make it "Golden" wasn't going to change that.  What did catch my eye though was the awkwardly named "Mocha Flavoured McFlurry with Caramelised Biscuits".  The name was a bit odd, since Singapore has gone with some pretty strange McFlurry names in the past even when it doesn't accurately describe the flavour.  Despite the mouthful of a name, I had to give it a try before we left Singapore.


I didn't really know what to expect when I ordered the dessert.  For some reason, the 'Caramelised Biscuits' part of the name really stood out, and I half expected a large cookie chunk filled McFlurry, ala the Cake McFlurry I had in Hong Kong.  The McFlurry that was served did have some cookie bits, but it also had about 2 spoonfuls of mocha dust scooped on top (which I have a feeling was just Milo powder), mostly obscuring the cookies below. I had to give my McFlurry a proper stir before it was edible as it was not served pre-stirred, although it really should have been, since my first two bites caused me to inhale the powder and cough quite a bit. As expected, the "Mocha" was just Milo (which pops up in Singapore/Malaysia as a standalone McFlurry flavour every now and then) , but the biscuit tasted just like a speculoos! (which Americans will probably know better as a Delta Air Lines Biscoff!)  The biscuits themselves were a great addition to the Vanilla McFlurry ice cream, even though they weren't "name brand" biscuits, they had just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar needed, and even when sitting in the cold ice cream still had enough caramelised crunch.  Personally, I'm not sure why they had to go and add the Mocha powder to the ice cream as it would have been a 5 star McFlurry with the biscuits on their own. The powder actually distracted from the flavour, so it only is going to get a:

Rating - 4/5