05 November, 2015

Chicken Teriyaki Rice - Bangkok, Thailand - September 2015

Consumed on 18 September 2015
Location - McDonald's J-Avenue, Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand
Price - 69THB + 10THB for egg = $2.20USD
Calories - Unknown

I've had a number of rice dishes in Thailand, and it seems that the more often I go to McDonald's Thailand, the more popular these become as they are introducing more and more promotional flavours and the number of people I see eating them inside the restaurants is always growing.  In mid-September I was able to try the Chicken Teriyaki McRice which started it's run at the beginning of August and ended at the end of September.  The Rice + Egg combo is hardly new to McDonald's Thailand, but this was the first time I've had Teriyaki sauce on any of their rice dishes.  The Teriyaki McPork is a regular menu item at McDonald's Thailand so unfortunately it wasn't a completely new sauce.

The serving of Chicken they gave me was actually pretty big, amd there was at least 2 chicken patties worth of meat, with an equally generous portion of teriyaki sauce.  Not only was the chicken hot and fresh, but the teriyaki sauce was also served warm. There actually ended up being far too much sauce for the single scoop of rice, and I felt it was a bit on the sweet side and could have been a touch more savoury. As always with McRice dishes, the egg was a standard egg that you'd find on a McMuffin. I'm often surprised by the freshness of rice at McDonald's Thailand, but on this particular occasion, the rice was hard and overcooked.   The "salad" was a bed of lettuce, a single slice of tomato, and more mayo than anyone would ever want on that much veg.

All said, it was a very cheap, relatively filling dinner, it just wasn't anything amazing nor something I'd want to get again.

Rating - 2.5/5