26 October, 2015

Spicy Chicken Bites - Jakarta, Indonesia - August 2015

McDonald's Indonesia Spicy Chicken Bites

Consumed on 09 August 2015
Location - McDonald's Sarinah Thamrin, Jakarta, Indonesia
Price - 9000IDR = $0.65USD
Calories - Unknown

Spicy Chicken Bites joined the McDonald's Indonesia menu in early 2015, and although The Wife and I had a burger, drink and shakers to try during our last trip to Jakarta, the 9000IDR price point was low enough that even if we didn't really enjoy the Bites, they were unlikely to go waste.  Well, as luck goes, these did go to waste as we didn't eat more than a single bite each, as they were some of the worst food we've ever had from McDonald's.

On the outside, they look quite like Chicken McBites, which made the rounds through most major markets in 2011-2012 and are still a regular menu item in many countries, like Peru.  I was only lucky enough to try McBites once, on their last days in Singapore when they were clearing out their stock for $2 a box. I never ended up reviewing them but I'll post a photo once I find which old computer it's buried on.  McBites, were soft, softer-than-McNugget soft, with an all white meat chicken centre, I had no problems with the ones I had in Singapore, I actually rather enjoyed them. These Bites were rock-hard, and since I always have the best luck, served ice cold, even at the 2pm lunchtime rush these looked and felt like they had been cooked hours before.  

The Bites themselves actually looked pretty good, they were a bit larger than a McBite, about 1.5cm in diameter, but after a single bite it was easy to see that they were more than 50% batter.  In fact, probably 1cm of the entire ball was made out of batter (cold, rock-hard batter no less) and the inside only had a tiny ball of not the whitest meat from the chicken.  It looked like a mincemeat chicken ball, and it was clearly made with dark meat, a stark contrast to the all white meat McBites. The "spicy" in the name was actually intended to be in the batter, similar to a McSpicy, but even so they they didn't have a single bit of spice.  They were unappetising, unappealing, and neither of us had more than 1 each, so thankfully they were cheap. 

Rating - 0/5