19 October, 2015

Minion Dip - Bangkok, Thailand - September 2015

McDonald's Minion Dip

Consumed on 18 September 2015
Location - McDonald's J-Avenue, Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand
Price - 10THB = $0.39USD
Calories - Unknown
When The Wife and I moved to Thailand a few weeks ago, McDonald's Thailand was in full "Minions" promo mode.  Sadly for me and this blog, they have really any 'minions' promotional food items aside from a McCafe Frozen Fanta (photo below). The big draw was that all fries were now 50% larger and if you spent over 200THB ($5.69USD) you would receive a free Minions Fry holder.

The one Minion food item which they did have for me to try, was a quietly released "Minions Dip" with a completely unannounced flavour. Not explicitly saying what flavour it was, I convinced myself that it had to be actual Minions, turned into a paste. But what do Minions taste like? I had seen both Banana Flavoured Minions Ice Cream, Tic Tacs and Cheetos here in Thailand but with no mention of Banana anywhere on the McDonald's promotional images, I figured it had to be something a bit more Miniony? Sadly, it wasn't. To figure it out, you just have to go back and take a quick look at my review of the original range of Dip flavours.

Yep - Unfortunately, the Minions sauce wasn't really anything new at all, but rather a combination of their standard range of sauces.  I have a feeling it was simply the Italian Dip mixed together with the Sour Cream & Onion dip and maybe a bit of the Cheese sauce for good measure. That said, the sauce didn't taste as bad as you would expect, the flavours worked decently well enough together, and it tasted more like Sour Cream & Onion more than anything else.  Like the other dips I've had in Thailand, one tub was far too big for one meal, and although the 'budget blend' was a disappointment, I've had worse.

Rating - 3/5