24 September, 2015

Lychee Pie - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - August 2015

McDonald's Malaysia Lychee Pie 2015
McDonald's Malaysia 2015 Pie Box
McDonald's Malaysia Lychee McFlurry, Sundae and Pie
Consumed on 23 August 2015
Location - McDonald's International Departure Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia
Calories - ~280kcal
Inflated Airport Price - 3.85MYR = $0.88USD.  City Price - 2.95MYR = $0.67USD

McDonald's Malaysia Receipt

A couple weeks ago, The Wife and I had to depart Kuala Lumpur International Airport and we were a bit too early to check-in and head to the lounge, so we stopped in at the McDonald's in the public area to wait it out. Which gave me a perfect opportunity to give the new Lychee Pie a try. It was dinner time, and since McDonald's is the cheapest food in the airport (even with the 20% inflated prices they charge), so the restaurant was absolutely heaving with customers.  Each of the 7 or so registers taking orders had a queue of at least 8-10 people deep.  McDonald's in Malaysia doesn't take credit card, and I witnessed at least 3 groups (of tourists) order, and then only get rejected when they couldn't pay with card and then the staff had to scramble to cancel the order.  I would have assumed that the airport branch might be a bit different due to the number or tourists and business travellers that would frequent it, but apparently not.  They should at least have a sign somewhere, as I was only there for 10 minutes and saw it happen a few times  so I can't imagine this is a rare occurrence.

McDonald's Malaysia Lychee Pie Filling

McDonald's Malaysia started to sell 3 Lychee flavoured items at the same time, a pie, McFlurry and a Sundae.  Promo McFlurry + Sundae combos are common in Malaysia, but this was the first time I had witnessed the promo pie use the exact same flavour as the ice cream. If they were different flavour, naturally I would have gone for one of each. But, as I didn't really feel like two of the same flavour before a 14 hour flight, I asked The Wife which she would rather try - she chose the Pie, so that's what I ordered, which we pretty quickly came to regret.

Not only was the pie fried, which has never been a favourite of mine, but the Lychee filling was sickeningly sweet, and tasted 100% of artificial fruit flavour.  The "bits" of fruit they used were hard and sweet themselves, almost like the jelly you get in the bottom of a bubble tea type drink. On their own, the terrible "fruit" probably wouldn't have been that bad, but when combined with the syrup that surrounded them it was one complete failure of a pie.  The flavour was far more acidic than a pie filling should be, and just didn't go well with the fried crust at all. We each had a single bite and left the rest it was that bad.  I probably  should have remembered how bad the Lychee McFizz from Singapore was before even considering ordering this...

Rating - 0/5 

Another strange release at the time was that McDonald's Malaysia launched a Spinach Pie promo on the same day as the Lychee items. I had already tried this same pie before in Thailand, so I gave it a pass as well.  If it's even 1/2 as good as the one from Thailand, it would be the much better choice.

McDonald's Malaysia Spinach Pie 2015