28 September, 2015

Lemon Thyme Shakers - Netherlands - August 2015

McDonald's Netherlands - Lemon Thyme Shakers

Certanly looks like real Thyme

Consumed on 19 August 2015
Location - Purchased in Netherlands in June, consumed in Singapore
Price - Free with large combo purchase
Calories - Unknown

Offered in The Netherlands, but made in Belgium.

Long time reader James, who did me a big favour and sent over a packet of the Red Chilli Shakers took care of me yet again and sent a few packets of the new Lemon Thyme flavour for me to review.  I waited until right before we left Singapore to finally give these a try, and what a shame, since these were even better than the Red Pepper which I enjoyed immensely!  I know I mentioned it in the previous review, but shakers outside of Asia aren't usually my favourite, so the Red Chilli was a big surprise by how good they were, but these...were in a class of their own.  

The photos really don't do them justice (McDonald's overhead lighting is always a pain), as the lemon, tasted like real lemon zest. The thyme, well, you can clearly see the dried sprigs throughout, gave the fries a herbal taste unlike any other shaker I've had before.  Although salt was pretty high on the ingredient list, they didn't taste overpoweringly salty - just enough to give it seasoning but not enough that you thought it was too salty. Also high on the ingredient list was pepper which was just subtle enough to be tasted, but not enough to drown out the lemon. I would have never thought that the sour lemon flavour would be a good taste for a fry seasoning, but it worked unbelievably well. I 'shared the wealth' and on my next trip I shared a couple extra packets around with some friends, who all came back and asked if I could get them more, so I guess I wasn't the only one who fell in love with this combination. It's a flavour I've never had before, but hope to have again.

Rating - 5/5