31 August, 2015

Barbecue Chili Shakers - Jakarta, Indonesia - August 2015

Many apologies for the lack of posts the last couple weeks.  The Wife and I have officially moved out of Singapore, so there was the last minute craziness of packing and getting everything sorted to leave.  We since then have also made a trip over to Canada (where we are now) before we move to Thailand later this week.  Not going to do much of a review for these Barbecue Chili Shakers I was able to try in Indonesia, as they were nearly identical to other Barbecue flavoured shakers I've had before.  They were similar to the Chicken Dinner shakers from Indonesia I had a couple years ago (which were still available through McDelivery) - mostly tasteless and heavy on the salt.  Not much else to say about them other than there was at least 2X the amount you would need to season even a large fry. 


I've been able to try a whole lot of new items over the last 2 weeks, so I'll be back soon with new reviews in the next couple of days!