03 July, 2015

Smoky BBQ Shakers - United Kingdom - June 2015

Smoky BBQ - Season + Shake 
McDonald's Shakers Nutrition Facts 2015 

Purchased on - Unknown.  
Sent in by BurgerLad.com from the United Kingdom
Consumed on 9 June 2015 in Singapore
Price - Free with 
Calories - ~4kcal

In April, the UK launched the "Great Tastes of America" promo where a new burger was released once a week, for five weeks.  With names like Miami Special, Dallas BBQ, and the Arizona Nacho Grande, they reminded me like the Big America promos they used to run in Japan, even some of the toppings were the same! They've run similar 1-week promos before, but this time they launched with their first ever McShaker! The Burger Lad, who I've sent a Shaker or two before, was kind enough to send one over for me to be able to try, as my next trip to the UK is planned for August.  Whilst you are there, check out his full reviews of all 5 burgers that I was never able to try.  Since he sent it from the UK, it took a couple of weeks to arrive, and when it did, The Wife and I had a couple short trips planned and Singapore then went and launched a couple new promos of their own, so I left these at home stored in a ziploc bag, complete with a silica gel package until I had some fries to try them with.  You'd think I would have learned my lesson after the Nacho Cheese McShaker fiasco, but even the ziploc and silica gel couldn't save these shakers from the Singapore humidity after only two weeks they looked like this...

Despite their appearance, they were at least somewhat "shakeable", as they were still granular, so to not make myself more disappointed, I imagined it more like Rock Salt v Table salt.  I also shook the hell out of the bag once they were mixed together with the fries to try and break as many small pieces free as possible.  I'd say it ended up with about a 15% of an average coating, and when when I broke up the larger pieces with my fingers, I ended up with about a 30% coating, even if the photos don't really show it.  For a "regular" McShaker, I only usually use 1/2 the packet anyway, so it almost worked out in the end.

There's seasoning on there - I promise!
The only thing of a bigger disappointment than my solidified shaker was the flavour that McDonald's UK picked for their launch shaker.  They certainly went the safe route with Smoky BBQ flavour, as this is the 2nd most common flavour I've had after Seaweed (which just wouldn't work in the West).  

The fries which did pick up a proper coating, actually didn't taste all that bad.  The flavour was heavy on the artificial "smoke" which was fine in moderation and worked decently with the fries, but once I picked up one of the larger chunks, it was somewhat overpowering and reminded me of salad Bacon Bits more than anything else. I was surprised how sweet they were, which was a clear indication they were made for the western palate, as the shakers in Asia are usually extremely salty.  When I was eating them I didn't ever feel they were too salty, but a saltiness was definitely there. Despite being not bad, they still weren't anything that special, and I wasn't bothered to try them, but they wouldn't be a flavour I would want to go back to and have a second time.

Rating - 2/5