19 July, 2015

Curry Crab Stick Pie - Bangkok, Thailand - July 2015

McDoanld's Thailand 2015 Curry Crab Stick Pie

Consumed on 14 July 2015
Purchased at McDonald's Nana BTS, Bangkok, Thailand
Price - 29THB = $0.84USD
Calories - ~320kcal

McDonald's Thailand Curry Crab Stick Pie Receipt
The second of two promos running in Thailand last week was the Curry Crab Stick Pie.  It had been running for about a month and a half prior to our arrival, and we managed to catch it during it's last week of availability, as it has been replaced by the semi-annual Tuna Pie promotion.  Readers of the Super Spicy Chicken & Rice review will know that I was fighting a bad case of Dengue Fever (I'm still not 100% after almost 2 weeks of feeling the onset of symptoms) and the branch we visited for that meal was sold out of this pie.  Normally, that would mean I would just find it at another branch later in the trip, but since this was the last day, I had to try and find it before we left.  The walk to the first McD's was the most I moved in the last 5 days, so I was pretty beat by the end of the meal and just wanted to get back to the hotel and rest.  So The Wife, (who had been taking amazing care of me for the last week) ventured out on her own to another branch to find the pie for me and bring it back to the hotel for us to try.  When she returned and passed me the bag, I thought it felt pretty light, and teased her that she couldn't wait to try and it and already took a couple bites.  After being scolded, I found that the pie was indeed 100% intact, but still something felt wrong with it, as it was a full pie, but only weighed about 1/2 a 'typical' McDonald's pie.  I broke it in half to get the obligatory filling photo, only to find this...

That's what an empty pie looks like...
More than 1/2 of the pie was empty! It wasn't like it was lightly filled, there was absolutely no filling at all, you could see straight though the end.  The photos I took don't really do it justice in how pathetic this pie was... The half which did have filling didn't seem like it was stuffed with more than there should be, so I don't think it was a case where the filling all collected on one side. I've had human errors before, but this is probably some of the worst McDonald's quality control I've ever seen.  The only saving grace was that because of my dengue I wasn't going want to finish the entire deep-fried pie anyway.

That's all the filling we were lucky enough to try
Pink Crab & Yellow Curry Paste.

Of the 2.5 bites worth of filling we were able to try, it actually worked surprisingly well.  They were pretty clear with the name, that this wasn't going to be real crab, and only artificial "crab sticks" that you find in soups and other food.  The crab sticks tasted just like you'd expect and still had a bit of necessary sponginess to them, they weren't completely soggy, and the curry paste that was binding it together was surprisingly flavourful and much better than I expected.  Curry is a pretty common McDonald's promo flavour, but at least in Asia, it's usually been Indian or Japanese curry.  I went in expecting that it would taste like a bit of curry powder sprinkled in with the crab, but it was actually a nice yellow curry paste with even a hint of chilli.  I hate to say it, but it worked better than the burger with REAL crab Japan had last winter.

Rating - 4/5

Full disclosure, I was reviewing this pie in full view of a fresh Papaya Salad....yum