27 July, 2015

Chocolate Banana McFlurry - Singapore - July 2015

Consumed on 19 July 2015
Location - McDonald's Hougang Mall, Singapore
Price - $2.90SGD = ~$2.12USD
Calories - ~390kcal

I just couldn't luck out over the last couple weeks.  After I finally started to feel better after Dengue Fever, I was still lethargic and could hardly bring myself to do anything but sleep after work.  The weekend came around, and the only thing I had enough energy to do was walk to a mall pretty close to where we live.  The 2km walk which we usually make with ease nearly killed me, so as soon as we arrived I wanted something cold and sugary to give me a bit of a boost, a perfect excuse to try the Chocolate Banana McFlurry which was released a few weeks ago with the (since discontinued) Spicy McNuggets. The promo right before this one was the "Froot Loops McFlurry" which was the standard vanilla soft-serve and a scoop of cereal on top. I didn't feel that it was worth the premium, so I gave it a skip.

This Chocolate-Banana flavour combination launched alongside the "Minions" promotion, and most other South East Asian McDonald's are running the same promo. The biggest difference is that they are running it with special Minions packaging, some countries have gone all out and have Minions' burger, pie and fry packaging.  Singapore looks to be the only country that released it with the standard McFurry cup. 

The McFlurry itself was the standard McDonald's chocolate syrup mixed together with a banana syrup.  I was glad to see that the syrup wasn't a bright artificial yellow, but it was still noticeably syrup.  The only other problem was that it was clearly a low quality banana syrup.  Sometimes McDonald's had mixed together real pieces of fruit in their syrups, but this was just flavouring and sugar.  To my surprise, although it was a cheap syrup, it actually ended up tasting pretty good.  When mixed together with the chocolate and ice cream and given a little time to melt, almost made it taste like a pretty decent banana milkshake - which are 2nd best milkshakes behind mint chocolate chip!  Speaking of chocolate chips, they would have been a great addition to this McFlurry, a little crunch to it would have been perfect. Malaysia had a Chocolate Banana Crunch McFlurry a couple years ago, but that also fell a bit short. Nothing can live up to the Choconana Cake McFlurry.

Rating - 3.5/5

Maybe I shouldn't have made that walk, as the next day I came down with an extremely sore throat, and I had to drag myself to the doctor two days later and was diagnosed with full-blown tonsillitis, which ruined yet another week.  Now after over 3 weeks of being constantly sick, I'm finally back to normal.  For who knows how long...