26 June, 2015

Bubblegum McFizz - Singapore - June 2015

When it was served, it was a rather nice looking blue.

Consumed on 19 June 2015
Location - McDonald's Kovan MRT, Singapore
Calories - ~280kcal
Price - $3.20 ala carte. $0.80 with a combo, or 'free' in the $7.70 Spicy Nugget meal.

I know I've mentioned this a couple times before on this blog, but I've basically stopped trying McFizzes in Singapore all together.  I've had them a number of times in the past, a few which were OK at best, most were pretty gross, overly sweet and not worth the extra charge, and definitely not worth the $3.20 full asking price.  The main reason why I gave the Bubblegum McFizz a try, was because it was "free" with the $7.70 Spicy Nugget meal, and there's also that bit of irony in that REAL Bubblegum is banned in Singapore, so McDonald's introducing a Bubblegum McFizz is...well...

When The Wife and I received our McFizz, both of us were taken aback by how BLUE it was.  McFizzes are simply syrup mixed with Sprite, so all that colour was coming from a single squirt of the Bubblegum syrup.  Although I usually think of Bubblegum flavoured sweets as Pink, but it's more common to see it as Blue on this side of the world.  I suspect it could have been the same syrup as the Bubblegum Squash McFlurry that is served in Australia and New Zealand, but I also wouldn't be surprised this hopefully-not-cancer-causing blue syrup came from China...  Like all the other McFizzes we tried, the syrup was concentrated on the bottom where usually a quick stir mixes it all around.  This one was different because the syrup had caked the bottom of the cup and was extremely thick - stirring didn't really spread it around at all. The syrup was so thick that chunks of it got stuck in the straw preventing us from even drinking the thing.  

I probably don't want to see how blue the un-mixed syrup is...

We made it about 3/4 of the way through the cup because although it was sweet, it wasn't overbearingly sweet, and since the syrup didn't mix that well, the top half mostly just tasted of plain Sprite.  If you were able to get a hit of the Bubblegum syrup, it did have that artificial bubblegum flavour you'd expect, but it was surprisingly light and not that strong. In all honesty, it probably wasn't terrible, but we did give up on the bottom 1/4 because it was just too blue.

Rating - 2/5