04 June, 2015

BLT McMuffin - Australia - February 2015

Purchased on 15 February 2015 
Location - Perth, Australia
Price - $2AUD = $1.53USD
Calories - 216kcal

The BLT McMuffin (not to be confused with the BLT McMuffin that was a promo item in Korea) was a new introduction to the McDonald's Australia regular menu in February 2015. It launched on the same day as the Ham & Cheese Pocket, and I half expected the bacon/ham to be identical between the two new items - oh, how I was wrong.  The "bacon" was actually a surprisingly thick slice of ham, which I know all my Aussie readers will just say it's a "Rasher"...but when it's that thick - it's ham.  I've had this rash of bacon a couple times before in AU/NZ, most recently when I had the poor Angus McMate. The best part of the bacon/ham was that it was so lean, there was hardly any fat on there. Although it was at least the size of 4 traditional strips of bacon, it had less fat than a single slice would.  I was shocked when I saw the entire sandwich only had ~215kcal.  

Apart from the meat, the rest of the McMuffin used the standard breakfast toppings and wasn't really anything overly special. But unlike here in Singapore where the $2 breakfast McMuffins are Bread+Meat, this was also topped with lettuce, tomato and small squirt of McChicken sauce (mayo).

That's it really.  Nothing too special, but well done, great price (for Australia) which made a nice light breakfast.

Rating - 4/5