24 May, 2015

Japanese Curry Burger - Taipei, Taiwan - April 2015

McDonald's Taiwan - Japanese Curry Burger 2015

This burger is on sale through September.

Consumed on 20 April 2015
Location - Taipei, Taiwan
Combo Price - 99NTD = $3.24USD.  $69NTD ala carte = $2.25USD
Calories - Unknown


The Japanese Curry Burger launched alongside the Japanese "Pork" Burger in early March 2015 in Taiwan.  Strangely the "Pork" was only going to be sold for until the end of April, but it's sister burger, the Japanese Curry Burger, was going to be sold until September.  Both burgers used identical buns and pork patties (so I'm not sure why the other burger got to use the pork burger name).  So go back and take a read through the first review.  

The juicy pork patty was still full of lean pork meat and keeping with the Japanese theme, it was topped with a heap of cabbage, but it was NOT a Tonkatsu patty.  This burger was actually selling for cheaper than the other variant, therefore it was an even better value at only 68NTD for the burger, so I can forgive the lack of other toppings.  

Whereas I had no idea what "Japanese" sauce was going into the original, I at least knew what I was getting into this time around.  This burger was topped with, as the promotional material clearly stated, sourced-from-Japan-curry.  Japanese curry is distinctly different to other curry and I've actually had a number of Curry flavoured items from McDonald's. WingsMcNugget Sauces, McShakers in both Singapore and Malaysia, a McCurry from Hong Kong, Thai Green Curry burger in Singapore, and even a dark-curry sauce from Japan.  This burger was my first on a pork patty, and it was the first light curry sauce I've had on a burger (although you can't really tell on my photos, this was a bright orange rather than a dark brown).  I'm a bigger fan of light Japanese curry than it's darker cousin, as I find it less salty and I prefer potato in my curry and that's usually served in the lighter version.  

The sauce tasted exactly like curry you'd find at a corner restaurant in a Japanese train station.  It's far from healthy, but it was certainly flavourful.  I expected it to be some of those instant curry cubes cooked up, but it was easily a higher quality curry than that.  It wasn't spicy, and that would have given it a perfect score, but is a nice new item to the Taiwanese value menu.  So good in fact, that when The Wife and I tried this together with the New York Bagel Burger, we found ourselves fighting for bites of this burger.  As expected, I lost that battle...

Rating - 4.5/5