04 May, 2015

Garlic Onion Drumlets - Singapore - April 2015

McDonald's Singapore Garlic Onion Drumlets - Singapore 2015

Consumed on 28 April 2015
Location - McDonald's Liang Court, Singapore
Price - $2SGD ($1.50USD) for 4 pieces with a coupon. $2 for 2 pieces normally.
Calories - Unknown

Last week when I tried the Spiced Butter Teppanyaki, it finally gave me an opportunity to use my 4 Garlic Onion Drumlets for $2 coupon, since it could only be redeemed with a Value Meal purchase.  If I didn't have the coupon, I would have completely skipped these drumlets like I did the last couple iterations, since the standard price of $2 for 2 is just too expensive for the tiny pieces, and they've never really been that good

Since I was going into these with the lowest of low expectations, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and saw 4 respectively sized drumlets.  Don't get me wrong, they were still small but they weren't laughably small like they were last time, when I struggled to even get a full single bite of meat off each.  Each of these had at least 2-3 decent bites of meat, and even better was that they were actually somewhat juicy and not overly oily. The outside had a crispiness that would be expected from a drumstick, and the meat inside was nice.  Unfortunately they weren't fresh from the fryer, so they were only just warm rather than piping hot, and I'm not sure how much that affected the flavour.  Although the meat was a big improvement, they were nearly completely flavourless, and certainly nothing like the name suggests.  If I had to say that these had any flavour outside "chicken", I guess I might say this had a onion powder taste, but that would certainly be grasping at straws, there certainly wasn't any garlic hidden away in these.  If someone told me these were unseasoned drumsticks, I would completely believe them.

Rating - 3/5