06 April, 2015

Sir Sombrero - Belgrade, Serbia - April 2015

It took me longer than I would have liked to figure out they were Sombrero shaped...

Consumed on 4 April 2015
Location - Purchased in Rakovica, Belgrade, Serbia.
Price - 160RSD = $1.45USD
Calories - ~383kcal

To be honest, when I first heard the name and saw the the promo photo, I didn't really have any idea what I was ordering.  I thought it may have been a seasoned Chicken McNugget, but I quickly learned that Sir = Cheese.  "Sombrero"...is because the shape of the nugget was like a sombrero...The Sir Sombreros were pretty hidden away on the McDonald's Serbia menu, and it was actually one of two cheese filled nuggets on the menu.  Both weren't being promoted, and when asked, the other option, Gouda Stars, weren't available when my colleague ordered them for me.  Since they weren't really being advertised, these were cooked to order, and took about 10 minutes until they were ready.

The Gouda Stars - Which were unavailable

Unlike the Potato Cheese Balls which I had flown in from Hong Kong last year, the cheese within the Sir Sombrero was actually quite a bit firmer than I had expected.  This wasn't a melted, stringy, cheese like you might expect in a mozzarella stick (and it seems that what the Gouda Stars might be like), this was a firmer and saltier cheese, which was a very pleasant surprise. Now, there isn't an ingredient list on the McDonald's Serbia website, so I can't really be sure exactly what kind of cheese made up the filling, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a blend, as it seemed to have 2 noticeable consistencies, one very hard, and one-semi firm.  What I'll also probably never know was the number of peppers used to make up the seasoning.  There was at least Jalapeño slices inside (maybe borrowing from the "Sombrero" name), but there was also at least two other peppers inside, one red and one orange.  Together they added a decent kick, and although there wasn't "spicy" in the name, this could have been considered so.  The batter was about twice the thickness of a McNugget breading, and more closely resembled a chicken burger patty than a McNugget.

Rating - 3/5

You might be wondering why I didn't talk about the sauce?  Surely "Slatko Kiseli Sos" sounds like it deserves a review completely on it's own!  Once you peeled back that Serbian sticker on the top, it was just Sweet and Sour sauce...made in Germany.