12 April, 2015

Fairy (Cotton Candy) Floss McFlurry - Singapore - April 2015

McDonald's Singapore April 2015 Candy Floss McFlurry
Consumed on 12 April 2015
Location - McDonald's Centrepoint Mall, Orchard Road, Singapore
Price - $2.80SGD = $2.05USD
Calories - ~380kcal

McDonald's Singapore April 2015 Candy Floss McFlurry Receipt

A couple days ago, I passed a Dessert Kiosk (the only location in Singapore which sells the promo flavours) which was quietly selling the Fairy Floss McFlurry. For those of you in the US, Fairy Floss = Candy Floss = Cotton Candy.  Apparently only Aussies call it "Fairy Floss" so I have no idea why they used the conflicting names on the promo sign. During my walk I didn't take a close look at the sign, but I had assumed they would have topped a McFlurry with actual candy floss, since Singaporean promo McFlurries actually have a history of using somewhat decent ingredients.  When I finally got around to trying it a couple days later, I found that it was simply a standard McFlurry, with the now-standard cone bits broken up into it with topped with a syrup.

Now, I'm not really a fan of Candy Floss, I always become a sticky mess when I try and eat it, and I never really found it that satisfying, so I generally keep away from it. The Wife loves it though. So I thought she would be excited to try this promo, but she maintained that was going to be gross, even before I ordered it.   If you asked me what "flavour" is candy floss, well, I might not exactly be able to describe it, as the standard candy floss, tastes unique.  The copious amount of syrup they topped this McFlurry with, didn't taste like "that" at all...

Since we were out with a couple friends, 4 people tried this McFlurry.  All 4 of us agreed that it kind of tasted like candy floss, especially if that was the taste like you were thinking about when eating it. But it strangely to me it tasted more like bubble gum, with a hint of...strawberry? I wasn't the only person that thought there was a fruity flavour, as another of our group thought it kind of tasted like cherry.  That said, this flavour was strangely addictive since I found myself eating bite after bite without really being bothered by the flavour.  Another point to note was whatever flavouring syrup used, it was pretty smooth.  I've found that some of the artificial fruit flavours used in Singapore McDonald's ice cream has a slightly metallic taste to it (that's why I've stopped reviewing the swirl cones) but the more I ate this, the more I enjoyed it.  It was certainly a better attempt than the previous promo the Hazelnut McFlurry, I didn't even bother to review it since it was so boring.

Rating - 3.5/5

In travel news, The Wife and I will be in Taiwan this week, and there are a whole range of new items for me to try. Keep an eye open for a review later this week.  There have also been a couple new menu items here in Singapore I'll hopefully review before we leave.