10 March, 2015

McPatongko (ปาท่องโก๋) - Bangkok, Thailand - February 2015

Not a bad snack set for the price. I could see this being $4 in Singapore.

Consumed on 28 February 2015
Location - McDonald's MBK Centre, Bangkok, Thailand
Price - 19THB = $0.58USD. 29THB with a coffee.
Calories - Unknown

McDonald's Thailand 2015 receipt
When my wife and I visited Bangkok last weekend they didn't have any promo burgers to review, or anything overly special like the Mooncakes they ran last year.  They were running a garlic and pepper seasoned Krapraw rice, and although this wasn't really different from the original, I was willing to give it a try, that was until the day we arrived and I noticed McDonald's Thailand launched the completely new McPatongko sticks! 

Although fried dough sticks are traditionally a Chinese breakfast item, they still have a long history in Thailand.  These McPatongko sticks are available 24/7, during breakfast hours you can add them to the McPorridge (like you would eat them in Hong Kong), or after breakfast hours you can dip them in either Chocolate or Strawberry sauce from the Sundae's, or more even more strange, you can dip them in Cheese from their Dip it Your Way range.  The chocolate or strawberry dips are an extra 10THB ($0.30USD), which is pretty dear, when the stick itself is only 19THB.  But the best value has to be the coffee + stick combo for only 29THB ($0.88USD).  A coffee on it's own was 32THB, so you were actually getting it cheaper when ordering it with a stick!  Since I'm a chocoholic, I went with the chocolate dip, and because it seemed to be the best suited flavour for the taste.  In retrospect, I should have probably ordered the cheese, just to see how disgusting it could have been but I didn't want the extra calories.

We ordered 2 sticks to split amongst our group of three people.   I was given one straight away at the counter, and the staff said they needed to prepare more and would bring the remaining stick to our table. We tried the first stick, and although it was served hot, it was very chewy.  It didn't seem that heavily fried, and the dough inside was still soft throughout, just a bit...well...doughy. It didn't seem like it was sitting there for hours, the heat wasn't heat-lamp warmth, but rather you could tell it was still somewhat fresh. My mother, wife and I agreed to a to a "meh" review, and didn't even finish the single stick, it wasn't bad, just nothing at all special.  When the 2nd stick eventually arrived at the table, it was steaming hot and had a freshly cooked bread smell coming from it.  Although the original wasn't that great, my wife immediately went for a taste of the new stick.  The fresh stick was so much better it almost deserves a review on it's own.  The outside had a perfectly crispy shell, and the centre was as soft as a freshly baked bread.  The 3 of us devoured the 2nd stick, and we all thought it was very good. The chocolate worked, just the same as chocolate on a doughnut works, but probably isn't worth the 50% premium, the sticks were decent enough on their own that you could enjoy one on its own. I can't possibly see how the strawberry jelly or cheese would have been good, even if the stick was freshly cooked.

I knew we'd never manage a photo of the steam...so you are stuck with me.

Rating - 4.5/5