04 February, 2015

Three Cheese Shakers - Philippines - January 2015

A very well travelled Three Cheese Shaker
McDonald's Cheese Shakers
Purchased on 13 September 2014 in Manila, Philippines
Consumed on 29 January 2015 in Singapore
Price - 10PHP = $0.22USD
Calories - Unknown

Last week, when I bought the fries to review my rapidly ageing Quattro Cheese Sauce, I thought would finally give the Three Cheese Shakers a try as well.  I bought them in September 2014, and they had "expired" already by November and since 2 months past the best before date never killed anyone, so I happily gave them a try.  They sat so long pretty much because I was disappointed by the other two shaker flavours I picked up in the Philippines.  BBQ wasn't anything special, and Kickin' Ketchup, was easily the worst shaker flavour I've ever tried!  I also wasn't able to find which three cheeses McDonald's was using in this shaker, so I went in completely blind. 

Although they were long expired, they hadn't solidified like certain other cheese shakers I've had before, so I was at least off to a promising start. I've had Cheddar Cheese shakers a couple of times before, and even a "Cheese" Shaker, from right here in Singapore. Speaking of which, they also re-released this Cheese Shaker in December 2014, but I wasn't in the country to review it again. Whereas these previous cheese shakers had reminded me simply of processed parmesan cheese, this Three Cheese shaker was clearly different.  It wasn't nearly as salty nor chunky as it's Filipino shaker cousins, this had smaller grains like you would expect with other shakers I've tried from around the world.  It seemed that cheddar was the primary cheese flavour inside, but there was also a hint of another creamier cheese.  I can't exactly place it, but there was certainly a blend of cheeses in this one.  I'm colourblind, but my wife did confirm for me that there were 2 different colours of grains, so it leads me to believe that they at least did try use multiple cheeses. 

Rating - 3.5/5

I know my travel has been a bit light over the last month, so please bear with me for the next couple weeks. Here in Singapore, they've been running the Prosperity Burger for 5 weeks in a row, so there isn't even anything I can review from here! In the meantime, I'll do my best to post older items which I never found the time to review, but this might mean reviews will be a bit shorter than usual.  My travelling will be picking back up in about 3 weeks, when I should have new items to review from Canada, UAE, Thailand, and India.  I've become pretty active on Twitter in the last couple months, where I try and post more than just McDonald's, so give me a follow if you are interested! As always - thanks for reading!