06 February, 2015

Quick Review: Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder - USA - December 2013

Consumed December 2013
Location - Beck Road, Plymouth, Michigan, USA
Combo Price - $6.59USD
Calories - 610kcal

Here's one I had way back in 2013.  Since most of my readers are from the US, I had put this one off, but I probably did leave it for a bit too long before reviewing.  As mentioned in my last review, I have a couple week travel hiatus, so I'm going to go through and post some older items whilst I have the time.  I believe this  burger has been discontinued since I've reviewed it, but I could be wrong.  

Now, I hadn't had a proper McDonald's burger from the US in many years, and I know many people complain about the quality of the burgers there, so this was actually a pleasant surprise when I ordered it.  The vegetables were fresh, the meat was surprisingly thick, 2 strips of pork bacon, and the promo habanero ranch sauce was actually respectably spicy.  McDonald's Singapore released a "Chilli Ranch" Quarter Pounder in December 2014 (which I didn't review), and that was a $9 combo.  I suspect they used the exact same sauce from this burger, and since they used only a single strip of bacon on it, I can't understand how they could charge nearly $3 more for it. They also took the same Ranch Habanero sauce and started selling as a McNugget dip in Mexico a couple months after I sampled this burger.

I had another habanero burger in 2014 when Malaysia released the Spicy Habanero Beef Burger as a part of their World Cup range, and although that one was a bit middle-of-the-road, the one I had in the US was noticeably nicer.  The only thing I don't like on the US burgers is how they add salt directly on the cooked beef patty. Everything else about was was perfectly respectable.

Rating - 4/5