16 February, 2015

Ham & Cheese Pocket - Australia - February 2015

McDonald's Australia Ham & Cheese Pocket - Febuary 2015

Purchased on 15 February 2015, Perth, Australia
Consumed on 15 February 2015, Singapore
Price - $2AUD = $1.56USD
Calories - 245kcal

Just when I thought my February was going to be light on the McDonald's front, I saw a post on a travel forum I frequent, asking for tips about what to do on an upcoming trip to Singapore. I responded with, "I will happily show you around if you can bring some McDonald's for me".  One thing led to another, and within 24 hours I had new 2 new McDonald's Australia breakfast items waiting for me.  Unfortunately my new friend was flying in the morning, so he was unable to get a McOz made for me (I've never had luck with that one, I think this is the 5th or 6th time I've barely missed out on it).  McDonald's Australia hasn't had a new breakfast item in a long time, apart from the new Steak Breakfast Wrap, but I thought this (and my other yet-to-be-reviewed item) would hold up better on the flight.  

As a part of their new "Breakfast Value Range" I wasn't expecting much, and it was pretty easy to tell that this one was re-purposed from existing menu items.  The Coon Cheese and slice of ham were taken from the McCafe Ham & Cheese sandwich (see photo below), and the tortilla was taken from the ever expanding line of wraps.   Apart from those those 2 ingredients, this was a pretty simple wrap.  If this was any other country but Australia, I probably would have been shocked by the price, but when you compare it to other items, it's one of the better values on their menu.  I think they did the right thing by not calling it a wrap, because those expecting a bit of veg would be pretty disappointed.  Plus "pocket" somehow has the connotation that it's going to be small. But to my surprise, it was actually somewhat larger than I expected, about the size of 2 decks of cards. It wasn't overly thick, but there were at least 2 slices of ham! The cheese was of a very good quality (something that they should always be serving), and the ham wasn't fatty or overly salty, a pleasant surprise.  If I had one of these fresh off the press, it probably would have been even better.

Rating - 4/5

The "Savoury Snack" McCafe sandwich they stole the ham and cheese from.

Since I had received two pockets, I took advantage of the promo that has hit the international press.  Keep an eye out for that in the next review!