20 February, 2015

Big Mac Special Sauce - Australia - February 2015

The sauce has it's own hashtag.  #MacItBetter

Those bumps be pickles!

Apparently the official photo is a McNugget size tub
Purchased on 15 February 2015, Perth, Australia
Consumed on 15 February 2015, Singapore
Price - $0.50AUD = $0.39USD
Calories - 80kcal

McDonald's Australia made international headlines a couple weeks ago when they had a Ronald McDonald House charity auction for a bottle of Big Mac sauce, that eventually sold for an obscene amount of money.  This auction was in conjunction with the release of Big Mac "Special" Sauce dipping tubs in Australia, and the internet 'exploded' where people around the world thought that this was the best new product since the Filet-o-Fish.  What the always fail to mention, is that my home country of Canada has been giving away Big Mac sauce for years, they even have McChicken sauce!  I had asked McDonald's Australia Twitter account if they could send me a tub for review, but they just ignored my request, so when a complete stranger brought me the Ham & Cheese Pocket to review, they also were able to buy a few tubs of the Big Mac sauce for me as well.  I had also read that McDonald's Australia was giving these out for free along with a purchase, so I'm not sure why they were charged 50 cents each, but since they were acquired during breakfast hours, it's possible that the staff just didn't know...it wouldn't be the first time McDonald's Australia has messed up.

To be completely honest, I can't remember the last time I've had a Big Mac.  If I'm travelling and they don't have any unique or promo items, I'll skip it and head for something local. This has most recently happened in Brunei, where they served the basic Malaysian menu, and didn't have anything worth trying.  At home here in Singapore there have been occasions over the last couple of years where I have visited a McDonald's when they don't have anything to review, in cases like this, I order a $2 McChicken, and wouldn't dream of ordering the $5+ Big Mac. It's probably safe to say, I haven't had a Big Mac in over 10 years, and if you had asked me what was in "Special Sauce" or what would have tasted like, I would have guessed mayo.  I guess I was wrong as according to the (now removed) McDonald's Australia website, what I should have guessed was the following:
Soybean Oil, Water, Pickle Relish, Prepared Mustard, Egg Yolk, Vinegar, Onion, Thickeners (1442,415), Sugar, Mustard Flour, Salt, Hydrolysed Soy Protein, Spice, Preservative (211), Garlic, Colours (160c,150d,100), Antioxdiant (385).

Since the sauce wasn't being promoted as a McNugget dip I took the liberty of dipping my Ham and Cheese Pocket into the sauce.  The Wife™ said it reminded her of the sauce served Thousand Island served on the Ebi Burger, although I didn't agree, I was impressed that she pulled that one out of the vault, since we had that a very long time ago.  I guess most readers will have had a Big Mac a bit more often than I, so there isn't really much point in talking about the flavours of the Big Mac sauce. Although, I was surprised by the small bits of pickle hidden within.  Although I've never been a fan of pickles, these didn't bother me at all, and the contract was rather nice.  The dip worked well with the cheese in the pocket, and we also dipped a yet-to-be-reviewed McMuffin, and it worked even better with that.  A couple nights later, The Wife and I made some beef sandwiches at home for dinner, and we used a tub of sauce for our sandwich spread and it didn't taste like it cheapened our meal in the slightest.  I guess there's a good reason why the internet went mad with the thought of this sauce. 

Rating - 5/5

Now...do file this review under regular menu items, or limited time promo?