13 January, 2015

Mushroom Potato Soup - Johor Bahru, Malaysia - January 2015

McDonald's Malaysia - 2015 Mushroom Potato Soup

Compliments of Malaysia Freebees
Consumed on 10 January 2015
Location - McDonald's City Square, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Price - 4MYR = $1.13USD
Calories - Unknown


My wife and I made our bi-weekly trip over to Malaysia last weekend when I spotted the elusive Mushroom Potato Soup on the McSavers Menu (The Malay value menu).  The Mushoom Potato Soup joined the McSavers menu in September 2014 and would be the first proper soup on McDonald's Malaysia's menu. But in all the times I had been over to Johor in recent months, I never saw it on the Menu.  I noticed previously that Malaysia would often roll out new items province by province, so it looks like it took a couple months to make it down south.  Unlike my last trip over to MY, this time my wife was with me and I wouldn't feel bad ordering a soup I would only eat a single spoonful of, since I despise mushrooms.

The soup was served in the same size cup as the Burbur Ayam congee, but strangely enough, completely differnt.  The congee came served in a branded stryofoam cup, where this was an unmarked paper cup.  Although I was the only person ordering a soup during the busy lunch rush, it was still served respectively hot. Not burn your mouth hot, but not cold either, I'd say it was comfortably warm, although if I ordered it for takeaway/delivery, it wouldn't have been very pleasant when it arrived.   Although I was able to stomach any mushrooms hidden inside the patty of the recent Crab Burger in Japan, I was unable to force myself to eat the larger chunks of mushrooms floating around this soup.  The soup base was creamy, but not fatty nor was there a layer of film in sight!  It surely didn't taste of high quality cream soup, but identical to what you'd expect from a can, but I can't complain at this price.  The biggest surprise in this soup was that the potato chunks were small 1x1cm cubes of boiled pealed potatoes. I don't think they re-purposed any existing potato product for this, so it may have been brought in specifically for this promo.  Not that there was anything overly special about it, but I just have never experienced boiled potato at McDonald's before. I could see this working as a healthy alternative to fried hashbrowns, kind of like how you can swap your fries for corn during lunch/dinner hours.

My wife said the mushrooms tasted 'like canned mushrooms' and were pretty good in the soup.  If she had the taste for soup, she'd order it again.  If I could order it sans-shrooms, I'd finish the whole bowl.

Rating - 4/5