07 January, 2015

Chicken Caramba - Singapore - July 2014

Consumed on 05 July 2014
Location - McDonald's NEX Mall, Singapore
Combo Price - $5.00SGD (Discounted from $8.90 with coupon) = $4.00USD
Calories - Unknown

Back in June 2014, McDonald's launched World Cup promo items in various different countries.  I tried beef burgers in both Singapore and Malaysia, whilst my friend sent me sauces from Japan to review and I even tried couple burgers flown down from Seoul, Hong Kong and Australia.  McDonald's Singapore launched the Chicken Caramba, along side their beef burger in early June, but I adamantly refused to pay the $8 asking price for the combo, since an identical burger was sold under a different name just a couple months earlier.  OK, maybe they used the 'new' bun and a sliver of carrot, but since I had already tried it on the beef burger, I didn't feel the need to try it again.  In the last days of the promo run, McDonald's released a coupon selling the Chicken Caramba combo for $5SGD, and my wife just so happened to have a craving for a McChicken, so I finally caved and gave the Caramba a try (a McChicken combo is $5 here, so I didn't pay anything more than I would have).

Not much else to say about the burger really.  If you want to know about the sauce, read the Sizzling Citrus review.  If you want to know about the bun, read the Beef Picante review.  The carrot, well, tasted like carrot, so it has that going for it.  It's not going to get the same score as the others simply because they tried to pass off the burger unsuspectingly as 'new', and charged you a premium as thanks.  

Rating - 3/5

In retrospect, I should have been happy with a $8 combo, since in the 6 months that have passed in between, promo combos in Singapore are now pushing the $9 and $10 mark.