07 December, 2014

Chicken Foldover - Johor, Malaysia - December 2014

A wrap, surrounded by paper, surrounded by a paper sleeve.

McDonald's Malaysia Chicken Foldover 2014

Consumed on 7 December 2014
Location - McDonald's City Square Mall, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Combo Price - 9.95MYR = $2.87USD (12-3pm & 6-9pm).  11.95MYR = $3.44USD all other hours
Calories - ~575kcal

A couple weeks ago my sister was visiting me in Singapore en route back to Canada.  We made a short trip over to Malaysia for some eating and shopping, and like always, I poked my head into a McDonald's to scope out what they had on offer.  I noticed the Chicken Foldover displayed on the menu, but since I've actually had one of these in 2006 when I visited Malaysia for the first time (I think this was also availabie in Singapore back then too), I passed on trying it.  Skip forward a couple weeks, and since my wife has left me alone in Singapore to go to a wedding in Korea, and rather than walk around aimlessly around Singapore alone, I thought it would worth my time to go over to Malaysia to try it again for a proper review. Also, at $2.87USD for the combo, it was cheaper than any lunch I would have had here in Singapore. 

Interesting that they went with the US spelling of 'Flavour'.  You usually see UK spelling in Malaysia.

Now, I was very impressed by the McWrap during it's short run in Malaysia in 2013, so I had a feeling this was going to be equally as tasty.  When had my first look at the McWrap on my tray, I was a bit disappointed that they couldn't simply copy the packaging style from the McWrap, as that was functional, and had minimal waste. This foldover had an external paper 'case' which served absolutely no purpose other than to tell you that you are indeed, eating a foldover. What makes it worse is that in this part of the world (mainly Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) it's highly unlikely this paper is going to get recycled.

Once I had all that pesky packaging off the wrap, the first thing I noticed was the considerable amount of herbs (and other seasoning) baked into the bread. Although my photos don't really show it very well, there were at least 4 different herbs inside, with black sesame being the most noticeable.  I had somewhat expected this to simply use a slightly thicker white-wheat wrap, but it was it was about 0.75cm thick and had a very nice flavour to it.  McDonald's Malaysia does not post an ingredient list, but I did taste something like oregano and rosemary in that bread as well.  If they packaged it up and sold it, I would happily buy it to make wraps with at home, it was that good.

Unfortunately, the rest of the foldover wasn't that impressive.  They did pile the lettuce on, but they only gave me a small slice and a half of tomato.  It would have gone very well with onion - I did end up with a single shaving of onion and not sure if it ended up in there by accident, or if it was an intended topping. (I think I see a slice in their promo photo).

Luckily for me, the Chicken was grilled and not fried, but it was the same near-tasteless chicken sausage they use in the their breakfast sandwiches and the awful McCountry (Malaysia is Muslim don't forget - no pork here).  I guess with the 2 non-breakfast items now serving chicken patties like this they must now be cooking them fresh, as I didn't end up with a breakfast leftover like I did when reviewing the McCountry.  The other stand out topping was the garlic sauce - for once, this actually had more garlic taste than mayo, and it was actually quite good, it did go very well with the seasoning in the bread.  I had my doubts going in about a garlic sauce after Australia's pitiful attempt.

This is one of those items that (apart from the bread), nothing was amazing, but the flavours worked well together well, and I enjoyed the meal from start to finish.  My wife isn't a fan of Grilled Chicken Wraps, but I have a feeling with that garlic sauce, she would like this one - maybe we'll go over to Malaysia try the next variant (the packaging had labels for more flavours).

Rating - 4/5

Apart from the shockingly cheap price, the best part of this meal was that after I had finished, it felt like I had a decent light lunch, and I wasn't hungry 30 minutes after.  This did remind me of the McTurko which I had in Turkey, and the McArabia I've had in the middle east (prior to my blog days).  

My only photo of the Chicken McArabia I had in 2006 in Dubai (I had a Beef McArabia in Lebanon)