06 November, 2014

Superman Honey Mustard Chicken - Hong Kong - November 2014

Clark Kent's hair actually flips out of the box

Purchased on 4 November 2014, at Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
Consumed on 4 November 2014 in Singapore
Combo Price - 38HKD - $4.90USD
Calories - Unknown

Yep - Those are also DC Comics toys available for purchase. $15HKD ($1.95USD) each

This is review 2 of 2 for the Superman series from Hong Kong, the first being the Potato Cheese Balls.  A quick recap for those that didn't read that review, this burger was flown down from Hong Kong to Singapore (a 3 hour flight) by Valerie, a very kind reader.  Although the Superman Honey Mustard Chicken burger didn't sound nearly as interesting as the Batman Burger which preceded it, but I was not going to turn down possibly the only DC Comic burger I might have from HK (I'm unlikely to be there when The Flash and Green Lantern promos are on).  Like the Potato Cheese Balls, I tossed the bacon, chicken patty and bun onto a hot pan to give them a little heat, and hopefully kill any bacteria which might have grown in the 6 hours since it was made.

My newly toasted 6 hour old Superman burger

Right off the bat, I was a little disappointed by the sweetness of the Honey Mustard sauce.  Although there were large mustard & pepper seed pieces within the sauce, it was still heavy on the sugar, I guess I have the same complaint every time I have Honey Mustard, but I would have much preferred a stronger mustard similar to the Korean Grilled Chicken burger.  McDonald's Hong Kong had 4 promo McNugget sauces last summer, and Honey Mustard was one of these flavours.  This version tasted similar, but luckily, was wasn't exactly the same.

Where the mustard was disappointing, the bacon was a nice surprise - I guess I had a bit too much Halal McDonald's lately and the Turkey Bacon they serve, but this thick proper-streaky-bacon was a nice change to the often overcooked crispy bacon in other parts of Asia.  Apart from those two toppings, there wasn't much else of interest.   The lettuce and cheese were a little on the dry side, but the burger was unrefrigerated for 6 hours, so I can't really complain about that. The chicken was an all-whitemeat patty, which is also a very nice change from the skin-on chicken thigh patties of Singapore.  The cornmeal & oat topped bun held up surprisingly well for the conditions the burger was stored in.  

From all those that tried the Batman Burger, they said that it was great, so maybe this is just the calm before the (Flash) storm. Nothing glaringly wrong, nor bad with this burger, just it wasn't anything all that...'Super'.

Rating - 3/5