09 September, 2014

Classic Twilight Burger - Singapore - September 2014

Consumed on 05 September 2014
Location - McDonald's City Square Mall, Singapore
Combo Price - $8.95SGD = $7.16USD
Calories - Unknown

A couple days ago my wife and I were in Little India, and she really wanted to have another Grand Twilight Burger since we split one the first time around.  Make sure you go back and read that receive first, if only to learn more about the Twilight menu. Originally I never thought I was going to bother with this Classic Twilight Burger, mainly due to the $9 combo price, but also because it just didn't sound all that interesting.  Whereas the Grand Twilight had 3 'promo' toppings, grilled onions, steak sauce and an egg, this was a standard quarter pounder with bacon and nacho cheese sauce.  Since we enjoyed the Grand Twilight so much, and since my wife said we were going to eat McDonald's for dinner, I thought I might as well give it a shot.  

Before I talk about the taste of the burger, I wanted to mention the name.  At first I was a little perplexed about why they would have a 'classic' version of a burger that has never been released before, as this is the first release of any "twilight" burger.  I guess one could think that this has 'classic' flavours, since bacon, lettuce, cheese and tomato on a burger is pretty standard McDonald's fare, but rounding it off with Nacho Cheese sauce just didn't fit with the 'classic' theme.  I have a feeling that the 'Grand' was supposed to be the promo, with the 'classic' burger just an accompaniment to the menu. Then someone in marketing had to come up with an excuse to sell it at a premium, so they slapped some of their, now regular menu, nacho cheese sauce on it and happily sold it for the same price as the Grand.

Since the beef was the same thick quarter pounder patty from the Grand, and the tomato, lettuce and processed cheese are the same you'd find on any other burger, the only talking points for this burger would be bacon and nacho cheese sauce.  The last time I had Turkey Bacon on a burger in Singapore I received 3.5 standard bacon sized pieces, this time I had 2 thicker (similar to Australia) size pieces.  I quite liked the leaner turkey bacon over pork bacon, it added the crunch that I felt was missing from the Grand Twilight although since this burger didn't have the centre bun, I didn't feel it was overly soft.  It also looked like the bacon was seasoned separately from the burger which was a first for me.  The worst part of this burger would have been the Nacho Cheese sauce.  I had assumed that the nacho cheese would have replaced the standard cheese slice, but it didn't, this burger had both.  It also had the mostly jokingly small squirt of this sauce under the patty.  The Nacho Cheese Filet o Fish is now a standard menu item, and when I reviewed it as a promo item, I rather enjoyed the sauce, it was flavourful and a nice change to the standard FoF sandwich.  This burger had so little sauce you could not taste it whatsoever under the rest of the toppings, so little, I couldn't even try to drip a fry in it.  In the end with the complete lack of Nacho Cheese this ended up being a Bacon Quarter Pounder, which meant I paid $9 for that black box it came in...

Rating - 2/5