04 August, 2014

Pepper Sauce - Paris, France - July 2014

Purchased on 17 July 2014, in Paris, France
Consumed on 28 July 2014, in Singapore
Price - 0.30EUR = 0.40USD
Calories - ~87kcal

Throughout our week in France, I probably entered 10 different branches in search of this limited edition sauce. I only did this because of the kiosks that McDonald's have there, since it only involved two screen taps, I could be in and out of the restaurant within 20 seconds if I saw that it wasn't available.  If I had to queue up and actually speak with a cashier, I know I wouldn't have bothered.   I found it available only in a lone branch on our last night in Paris, so I was pretty happy with putting in the effort.  The Pepper Sauce was launched alongside the "Spicy Thai" sauce a couple months ago, and was nearing the end of their run (all references to them were removed from the official website on 1 Aug).  Since I wasn't interesting in ordering expensive nuggets in Paris, I carried this sauce back to Singapore, where the nuggets are still shockingly overpriced, but I was able to use the "McChicken method" to save $3+.  

Unfortunately all the effort I put into finding this sauce and bringing it back was wasted since this was hands down, the worst nugget sauce I've ever had, from any country.  When I opened the packet, there was a layer of oil that had congealed on the top of the sauce, and even when I tried to stir it around, it remained gelatinous.  It infact was so firm, that I thought the sauce had spoilt.  I double checked that for some reason, it was meant to stay refrigerated, and I also gave it a safety sniff before my first real taste...It didn't smell rancid, strangely, didn't have any odour at all.

I only tried 2 or 3 scoops worth (note how I didn't call it "dips", since you truly had to scoop this out, dipping just didn't work), and it didn't have any distinguishable pepper taste.  If I had to call out any specific flavour, you could taste mustard far more than any pepper in there, black or otherwise. It was also pretty sweet, much sweeter than any "pepper" sauce should be. The worst part of the sauce surprisingly wasn't the consistency, but rather the colour.  It wasn't white, it wasn't grey, it was a horribly off-putting greyish-brown which just did not look like any food or sauce you've seen before - the photos don't do it justice.  The biggest sign of all was that my wife refused to even try a single bite...

Rating - 0/5