01 August, 2014

Les Classic Tendres Chips & Creamy Deluxe Sauce - Paris, France - July 2014

The smallest 'medium' I've ever had.

I only had 3 pieces which actually looked like this.

Consumed on 19 July 2014
Location -  McDonald's Rue Rennes, Paris, France
Price - Free with combo purchase
Calories - Chips~190kcal.  Sauce~85kcal

Les Classic Tendres Chips were ordered alongside The 280 that my wife and I tried in France a few weeks ago.  Although they were a part of the "American Summer" promotion (that's a hint of future reviews to come by the way), you were able to swap your fries for these special chips with any meal purchase.  Ordering through the kiosk meant I didn't have to butcher the French language to get them swapped out.  I ordered a standard "medium" size meal, and I received the smallest packet of fries I have ever seen. I couldn't imagine a bag being any smaller, since this only held about 12 or so chips. The photo below is the entire package dumped out.


When I picked up my meal, there was a packet of Creamy Deluxe Sauce placed on my tray, although sauces are always an additional 30 cents in France (unless you order nuggets), this regular menu sauce was included free of charge. I wasn't asked if I wanted any different sauces, so it must have been because I swapped out my fries for these special chip since when I ordered the American Summer burgers a few days later and didn't swap my fries, I wasn't given any sauce.  

Both the chips and the sauce were a pretty big letdown.  The chips were so poorly cut, that there were only 2 or 3 which actually resembled the style of chips they were aiming for, most were malformed chunks of potato which meant that caused them to be either overly crispy, or very soggy.  I usually like potato wedges with the skin left on, but these just tasted so bland salty there wasn't anything to enjoy about them. The larger pieces could have probably passed as wedges if they were cooked long enough.  We had a couple runaway standard fries which were mixed into our bag, and these were cooked to perfection, so I think the staff there were trying to cut corners with their cooking time.

The sauce also did not go well with these chips at all, it was very creamy (it was actually made with Fresh Cream) but had almost yogourt like undertones, which in itself was nice, and of higher quality ingredients than sauces I normally try in Asia.  I think would have been great with nuggets, or other kinds of meat, but the tartness of the sauce didn't go well with the salty potato.  It also wasn't suited for dipping since it had the consistency of a soft cheese rather than a traditional dip, so any chip that wasn't the expected scooping shape couldn't be dipped with any ease.  We dipped what few chips we could, and tossed the rest away.

Chips - 2/5
Sauce - 3/5