12 August, 2014

Florida Beef - Évreux, France - July 2014

McDonald's France - Florida Beef

Looks a bit of a mess, but nothing could be worse than the other American Summer attempt

Consumed on 20 July 2014
Location - McDonald's Evreux, Normandy, France
Combo Price - 8.80EUR = $11.80USD
Calories - ~540kcal

The Florida Beef was the 2nd of two "American Summer" burgers that I tried in Evreux, France.  The review of the California & Chicken can be found here, and the special fries which were a part of the promo have also already been reviewed, here.  The Florida Beef was a double pattied beef burger topped with standard lettuce and onion, but also included the special "peppered" cheese which was also available on the California & Chicken, sweet pepper, and a special "summer sauce".

If you've already read the review of the California & Chicken, you'll know that I received that burger lukewarm (at best), and the colder it got, the worse it was.  Thankfully this burger wasn't nearly as cold.  It was clearly noticeable that it wasn't fresh-off-the-grill hot, but the beef at least had enough heat to melt the cheese.  

The chunky "summer sauce" was served cold, which was fine, as it turned out to be a French attempt at chunky salsa.  McDonald's have really been going all out with Salsa burgers lately, and I've been able to try a number of them.  This trend is second to only pineapple topped burgers (Taiwan recently launched their own over the last week and I'll post a photo of that at the bottom of the review, since it's unlikely I'll be in Taiwan by the time the promo is finished).  The salsa on the Florida Beef was adequately chunky and juicy, but it just wasn't spiced enough to be considered a nice salsa.  Living in Asia, I've franky had MUCH worse attempts at salsa than this, because there's a tendency to add sugar to tomato-anything here, which this thankfully didn't have any added to it.  Just like with the California, I could not taste any pepper from the peppered cheese, but at least the veg was fresh.  The lettuce, bell pepper and onions added a nice crunch to offset the chunky salsa (which didn't have any veg in it), but there was probably only 2-3 small pieces of pepper, which isn't enough for a burger of this size, nor when it is marketed as promo topping only for this burger.

Not a horrible attempt, and unlike the California, my wife didn't turn her nose, and I actually finished it.  Definitely middle of the road, but with 3 different special toppings, it at least deserves a...

Rating - 3/5

As promised, the new burgers from Taiwan.  If anyone is flying from TW down to Singapore, I'll be more than welcome to eat one!
McDonald's Taiwan Summer Bite Pineapple Beef & Shrimp Burgers