04 July, 2014

World Cup Promotion - Tasty Crispy Cutlet - Singapore - June 2014

McDonald's Singapore Tasty Crispy Cutlet

Consumed on 20 June 2014
Location - McDonald's Kovan Station, Singapore
Price - $2SGD = $1.60USD with digital coupon.  $3SGD with Lime McFizz (digital coupon required) 
Calories - ~350kcal

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A couple weeks ago McDonald's "Surprise Alarm" app gave me a coupon for a "Tasty Crispy Cutlet + Lime McFizz" for $3SGD.  I jumped at the opportunity to try this later that evening since the Tasty Crispy Cutlet wasn't available ala carte without this coupon.  I knew from the original World Cup promos promotional photos that this cutlet was available in the Ole Breakfast Platter, and I was glad for the opportunity to try it now without needing to buy an overpriced McDonald's Singapore breakfast. The Ole Platter breakfast is some obscene price, just like the other World Cup promos here in Singapore, so I was glad I didn't have to pay full price to try this.  More recently, there is a coupon (which you can see at the top of this page) which allows you to buy the Cutlet without the McFizz for only $2, but I wouldn't take them up on the offer, as you'll soon find out...

The first time a cutlet appeared on the menu was the Tum Yum Cutlet, both my wife and I were surprised by both the size of the chicken, and the strong taste.  Since the promo photo for this one included both a clove of garlic, and black pepper, I was hoping this cutlet would have been just as flavourful but only with two flavours I love, garlic and pepper.  Unfortunately my wife was still in Korea at the time, so I tried this one alone.  When I opened the small white paper bag containing my cutlet, I was not disappointed by the size, since it was about 1/2 the thickness of the previous cutlet, but by the amount of grease that had already soaked into the paper bag...this wasn't a good sign.

After taking a bite or two, it was easy to see why this was so oily.  Only about 1/2 of the patty had actual chicken meat (thigh meat, which is oily enough already) and the rest of the patty was chicken fat and skin...yum.  Worse than that, was this had absolutely NO garlic or pepper seasoning to the patty whatsoever, not that it was just weak, it was completely non-existent. I guess it's possible that garlic and pepper are ingredients in the batter, but this was not seasoned, and had nothing to make it a promo item at all.   All this was a standard fried chicken patty used in a sandwich given a special name...and not even a good one at that.

Rating - 0/5